6 Direct Mail Postcard Ideas That Get Results

Whether you are already enjoying the many benefits of this form of direct mail marketing or you are new to the world of creating custom postcards to promote your brand, it is always a good idea to look for new ways to make your postcards stand out from the crowd.

From opting for personalization to using attention-grabbing images to providing a promotional code, keep reading to find out the top six direct mail postcard ideas that are guaranteed to get results.

1. Use contrasting colors

A simple yet highly effective postcard direct mail marketing strategy, the use of contrasting colors has the ability to drive consumers’ eyes directly to your advertisement rather than to the other flyers and leaflets that have been delivered to their mailbox.

Try highlighting the name of your brand or the offer you are promoting in an eye-catching color and then keeping the rest of the text in a more neutral shade. It is important that you draw attention to the most crucial message on your postcard, rather than trying to highlight everything, which can result in your ad being too noisy and confusing.

2. Offer a coupon or promo code

Everyone loves a special offer or discount, and this especially the case when the deal in question is delivered directly to someone’s front door. Providing a coupon or promotional code on your postcard increases the retention rate of your advertisement as households are likely to put aside the postcard to use at a later date. This, in turn, increases brand awareness and brand recognition.

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3. Personalize your message 

If you only apply one of these tips to your next direct mail marketing campaign, make sure it is this one. Personalizing your message can significantly improve your target audience’s response to your postcard.

Always try to include the recipient’s name as well as localizing the advertisement to the specific area that said consumer lives in. Another top tip is using hand addressing or pen machine addressing to make your design appear more personalized.

4. Try a vertical design

If you are looking for a way to stand out from the crowd, you may want to consider designing a vertical postcard rather than a horizontal one. This may seem like a fairly insignificant change in design, but in fact, it can have a dramatic effect on not only how many people look at your ad but also how they respond to your message.

5. Always use a bold headline

Consumers want to know clearly and quickly how your product or service can help them. They want an effective solution to a problem, and they need this to be easily conveyed in your advertising message.

Examples of effective postcard headings are:

a). Join our 24/7 gym and work out when you want

b). Sell your home and get 15% more

c). Save money on your weekly shop with this 50% off coupon

6. Include a call to action 

All direct mail should include a next step for the recipient in the form of a clear call to action. The exact call to action you choose will be dependent on what you want to achieve from your advertisement.

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a). Are you trying to drive footfall to your store?

b). Promote a new opening?

c). Get people to visit your website?

Whatever it is, make sure that your target audience can clearly see what they should do after reading your postcard.



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