3 Ways to Personalize Your Christmas Cards This Year

The sending and receiving of Christmas cards is a time-honored tradition that many people look forward to as the holiday season approaches. Not only are Christmas cards an excellent way to show people that you are keeping them in your thoughts this Christmas, but many people enjoy using the cards they receive as part of their holiday décor.

While you can always head to a shop and pick up a pack of cards to mail out, you might be looking to do something a bit more personalized this year. There are a number of ways in which you can personalize your Christmas cards with ease, and you don’t have to be an artist in order to do so.

Here are three ways you can personalize your Christmas cards this year for a fun and thoughtful gesture that you can send out to all your friends and family:

1. Use Stencils

Instead of buying pre-made cards this year, why not try your hand at making your own? Even if you aren’t exactly the artistic type, you can still make beautiful and personalized cards by using Christmas Stencils.

You can select the type of paper that you want to go with, then choose a stencil to decorate the front of the card. You can even use different colors and arrangements on each card so that each one is unique to the person you are sending it to. Then you can fill the inside with a happy greeting for the season. Anyone who receives your cards will be impressed with your handiwork.

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2. Incorporate a Family Photo

Another great way to craft a Christmas card that is more personalized than the generic ones you find in the store is to incorporate a family photo on the front. You can always have a nice staged photo taken of you and your family around the Christmas tree, or you might wish to select a couple of candid ones from throughout the year to create a bit of a collage.

This is another option that is great for those who aren’t necessarily artists. You can create your card using an online option and even add in special filters and frames. This card will be a particular crowd-pleaser with the grandparents and might even be something that you hold onto as a family keepsake.

3. Use Calligraphy

If you have a set of Christmas cards that you are happy with, you can still make them more personalized by adding in a special element inside. By writing in calligraphy, you can make your Christmas message extra special and personalized. Calligraphy is an elegant and festive method of writing that will be just as beautiful to look at as the heartfelt messages that you write in your cards.

If you have never tried calligraphy before, there are plenty of online tutorials to get you started. You might even find that you want to decorate the front of your cards in calligraphy as well.

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