Different types of Medical Transportation

Medical transportation services enable patients to reach their destination timely and in an efficient manner. Instilled with modern age technological facilities and equipped with trained medical staff, these services are like superheroes. 

Medical transportation can either be booked in advance or contacted for urgent needs. Because of the reliability of these services, healthcare providers prefer these services. 

Here is a list of the different types of medical transportation:

Emergency Medical Transport

1. Emergency Ground AmbulanceDepending on the situation, there are two different kinds of emergency ground ambulances. 

a). Basic Life Support (BLS): Basic Life Support Ambulances care for patients in non-life-threatening situations until they can reach the hospital. It consists of medical provisions administered by EMT (emergency medical situation). Essentials such as autoloading stretchers, wheelchairs, beds, pulse oximeters, and oxygen delivery devices are installed in the ambulance. 

b). Advanced Life Support (ALS): Equipped with advanced features, advanced life support ambulances are used to address life-threatening situations. It is equipped with an electrocardiography machine (ECG), ventilator, defibrillator, oxygen cylinder, and monitoring device. Ambulance service in Gurgaon and Delhi allows you to book such services. 

2. Emergency Air Ambulances This service, is used when the patient is highly critical, and even a minute delay can lead to the demise of the patient. To cover large distances in less time, emergency air ambulances make use of planes and helicopters. It is also used when the patient is located in a remote and inaccessible area through road transports. 

Non-Emergency Medical Transport 

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation is a service for the transportation of patients with a condition or injury. However, they do not pose an immediate threat. 

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1. Ambulatory Transportation – It is the most common type of non-emergency transportation. It is for patients who need basic assistance and can walk or transfer safely to the vehicle.

2. Wheelchair – Wheelchair transport services are for people who cannot walk on their own due to illness, disability, injury, or age-related problems. Such transport services are operated by CPR trained drivers to manage the wheelchair lifts. This service can be booked online or offline through ambulance service in Gurgaon or Delhi.

3. Stretcher – A stretcher non-emergency medical transport is booked for patients who can sit uptightly or have back conditions. A wheeled stretcher is usually equipped with height frames, tracks, or squids.

4. Courier service – This type of service is used to transport organs, blood, and other such matter from hospitals to research facilities. Guidelines and privacy standards are followed by such services to ensure safety.

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