It has frequently been noticed that the bathroom receives less attention during the overall house design process. The ornamentation of the bath, on the other hand, usually comes to an end after the bathroom tiles and bath accessories are finalised. With so much focus on interior design, every bathroom design process should not finish with tiles and accessories. In reality, the step towards splendour begins immediately after the tiles are installed. And what could be better than concentrating on the vanity counter, also known as bathroom benchtops, which is an everyday necessity! Furthermore, combining this vanity counter with wallpaper, a beautiful sink, and lighting may simply take the bathroom ideas to the next level.

Deciding on luxury countertops:

Small bathroom layouts with cabinets that fit in properly and meet all of the bathroom cabinet’s demands are a really attractive option. Because most of the time, everyday necessities are placed on the countertop after use, instead of attaining a shiny countertop, one ends up with a cluttered one.

Furthermore, with the advent of floating bathroom vanities attached to the wall, one may quickly make the bath look more open and overcome any small space bathroom difficulties! To establish a coherent design, choose the correct countertop with cabinets that complements the existing flooring, walls, and furnishings.

Things to consider:

  • When people have reached a final selection based on the preceding two criteria, it is important to consider the various materials available for the bathroom countertop. And the aspect that must be addressed when selecting the countertop is entirely dependent on how people use the bathroom regularly. It is also necessary to evaluate developments that may occur shortly. Compile an evaluation based on the required square footage to obtain a budget for each countertop material.

  • Bathroom benchtops will not be subjected to hot pans or cooking spills. That implies, unlike in the kitchen, one may give the style more influence in the decision-making process. Choosing a luxury surface elevates every evening to the level of a stay in a nice hotel. Colour, finish, and tactile feel are all alternatives to consider. Bathrooms in Australia are often built up without a toilet, which means there will be no toilet in the bathroom. Bathrooms are only used by Australians to shower and bathe. Toilets are located in their little room.

  • In Australia, while constructing a bathroom or a toilet in a commercial building, the Building Code-NCC takes into account the number of persons who use the toilet regularly. A construction manager or a building manager wants to create a bathroom facility for the public or clients that visit the building daily; people must first follow and meet several regulatory criteria.

  • Even though elegance reigns supreme, hot showers, splashing toddlers, and spilt toiletries all take their toll. It’s critical, especially in a busy bathroom, to pick a countertop that can withstand everyday usage while still looking good. Along with commonplace culprits like soap, toothpaste, and shaving cream, consider harder offenders like hot curling irons and chemical hair colours.
  • Surfaces, especially in a tiny area like the bathroom, go a great way toward creating the overall design. Unless people use the countertop as a starting point for a redesign, choose surfaces that complement the existing flooring, wall treatments, and furniture to produce a coherent look; no matter how much they adore marble, it will most likely seem out of place in a brightly coloured children’s bathroom.

Types of materials for luxury bathroom countertops: 

  • Quartz 
  • Marble
  • Granite
  • Tile
  • Laminate

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