Most of Australia’s properties have a courtyard adjacent to the house, either attached to it or separated. Unlike porches, patios are always built on the ground level and are usually intended as an open area easily accessible from the kitchen. Many Patios in Brisbane are built using concrete or bricks, with natural stone commonly used as a raw material. 

Most Common Materials Used For Building Patios:

  • Concrete: Being extremely versatile, concrete from a concrete company in Tampa can bring it any shape that can be highly durable to stand the test of time. 
  • Tiles: Unglazed tiles like porcelain or terracotta are used to like the patio floor with the edges left to the glazing to add a finishing touch. 
  • Flagstones And Cutstones: One of the most common materials in demand is the wide range of availability and selection. They provide traction for the surface, reducing the chances of slipping significantly. They are irregular in shape, with thin ones affixed onto a layer of concrete. Cut stones are also like flagstones, except that they are cut into exact shapes before placing them for installation. Unlike flagstones, cut stones can be placed in equal width and don’t need materials to fill the loose gaps. Flagstones are generally used for a more casual setting.
  • Materials: The use of materials like gravel, sand or granite is an alternative for areas having reduced water capacity or experiencing drought. Unlike lawns, the use of loose materials to fill the patios won’t take in much water and is a budget-friendly alternative. Materials can either be single or mixed to create a more versatile surrounding for the property. 

Things To Consider When Hiring Professional Services To Build A Patio:

A well-built patio can drastically change the aesthetics of the outdoor area of the property. But here are a few tips to ensure that the professional build is top-notch.

  • Planning: Patios in Brisbane are commonly built next to the kitchen or the dining area of the house. But residents are free to make their own choice and build one according to their needs. Patios can be built for entertainment purposes, as a gallery or as a form of outdoor space for dining and relaxation. Plan out the drainage and other facilities without compromising the rest of the property.
  • Fixing A Location: As the purpose of a patio varies with different people, the location also varies with it. Sunbathing on patios is common, and such patios are generally built to acquire maximum exposure from the sun. For those that opt for a more shady area, patios are built accordingly. A sheet or frame can be fitted to provide the required shade as long as it doesn’t throw away the aesthetics of a patio in the first place. Shades can also be provided with the help of patio blinds that are very common in Brisbane. 
  • Blending With The Property: Patios should be designed so that they should look like an extension of the house itself. It should blend easily with the colour and design of the home and with the property too. 
  • Zoning And Property Restrictions: Don’t forget to look into zoning restrictions and other policies when building patios. Brisbane has a certain set of property rules that citizens are expected to follow: electrical, plumbing, and underground facilities. 
  • Bricks: Bricks provide a neat and standard look that can blend with any design or property landscape. Poplar patterns are easy to work with, bricks offer a versatile shape, unlike other patio materials.