Cosmetic Dental Procedures You Can Invest In

If you have scrolled through social media, you will have seen the “perfect smile” – but this is most likely not down to mother nature, and far more likely down to the many cosmetic procedures that are readily available on the market.

There are a few factors when it comes to changing the look of your smile, but this piece will talk about what can be done in the dentist’s chair for you to achieve your dream look.

Read on to find out more. 

“Did you know, the natural healthy tooth enamel color is pale yellow?”

Tooth Bleaching

Tooth bleaching is a common procedure that dentists use to get that bright white glow on your teeth. While it is not suitable for everyone, you will find that most people will be able to have their teeth lifted with tooth bleaching without any ill effects. Teeth bleaching is a popular cosmetic dental procedure that involves using high-grade dental bleach to lighten the color of teeth. While the procedure itself is simple, it is important to seek treatment from a reputable cosmetic dental clinic in Melbourne to avoid any negative side effects or mistakes. Only a professional with the right expertise can ensure that the procedure is done safely and effectively.

“Do not damage your natural teeth in pursuit of ‘perfect’”

Dental Veneers 

Getting veneers is yet another popular procedure. While this option was once reserved for those who were mature in age, where teeth naturally begin to show signs of wear and tear, it is now actively sought out by the younger generations on a quest for the perfect teeth. That being said, this is not a light procedure and should be taken very seriously. Natural teeth are shaved down into ‘pegs’ in order to fit the dental veneers over the top, and while this might give a seamless appearance to teeth, it can come with a whirlwind of side effects and dental issues for the rest of your life. This is why if you have healthy teeth, it is far better to consider going for a less abrasive option to achieve the look you want. Before getting started, be 100% sure to evaluate the pros and cons of veneers and ask around for feedback from a dental professional.

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If your teeth will benefit from dental veneer treatment, then make sure to go to a reputable cosmetic dentist, as this is something you do not want to go wrong.  

“Composite resin can help restore teeth filled with cracks and chips”

Enamel Bonding 

Enamel bonding is a great way to help repair chipped or stained teeth at an affordable cost.
Instead of replacing or bleaching the tooth, a tooth-colored composite resin is placed on the tooth to fill in any cracks and chips and alter the color of the tooth all in one. That being said, those who are interested in cosmetic enamel bonding might not have any chips or cracks at all, and otherwise have perfectly healthy teeth. In this case, your dentist should tell you if this is the right procedure for you, or recommend something else that might be better suited.


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