Conventional vs. Digital Staging

If you’re looking to sell your property then you’ll want to budget your costs. It’s amazing how quickly they add up. Then again, you also want to maximize your chances of success. This is where digital staging becomes a highly beneficial tool. It doesn’t just save you money but it also gives you lots of added benefits. Check out to give you an idea of what a portfolio by an award-winning design team actually looks like.

How Much Do You Save with Digital Staging?

  • Thousands of dollars
  • Several weeks

The simple answer is that you can save up to several thousands of dollars with digital staging. Of course, it depends on the type of furniture and rental company. Nevertheless, you’re looking at a bill of at least 1000 dollars and sometimes two or three times that with conventional staging. In contrast, staged photos cost on average between 20 to 50 dollars per image. Sometimes that cost can go up to several hundred per photo. Regardless, this still pales in comparison to the cost of renting real furniture.

Digital staging also saves you time. You can expect a turnaround of 48 hours from any virtual staging company. Although, some might be able to do less than that for emergency requests. Compare that time with several weeks of planning and logistics for conventional staging and you’ll soon wonder why you’re hesitating about virtual staging.

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Comparing Conventional and Digital Staging 

It’s useful to have a comparison of the highlights as detailed below:

  • Rental furniture versus virtual staging software
  • Fixed design versus flexibility
  • Limited choice versus customization

Rental furniture versus virtual staging software

Clearly, conventional staging involves moving physical furniture. On the other hand, virtual staging is a digital process. The virtual staging team uses a combination of 3D modeling, photoshop, and rendering software. Although, you don’t have to know the details unless you want to. Having said that, each virtual staging company will do things slightly differently. Therefore, sometimes having some of the details behind the virtual staging solutions can be helpful when comparing companies.

Fixed Design versus Flexibility

Once your physical furniture is in place then your traditionally staged photos are set. You would lose another few weeks and more money to change the design. On the flip side, you can easily change your mind with staged photos. In fact, you can even have several design options for different target buyers with virtual home staging. Clearly, you need to work out if that approach is going to support your sale. In that case, you should make sure your virtual staging company gives you their advice. Either way, you have a lot more flexibility with staged photos.

Limited Choice versus Customization

Depending on your property and how long you’ve lived there, you might feel that many fittings and furnishings are out of date. With virtual staging, it’s very easy to change both furniture and accessories and so freshen up your rooms. This is not about lying to potential buyers but about showing them what’s possible. You’ll actually often see virtually staged photos marked as staged because there’s nothing to hide. We’re simply trying to help people visualize the potential.

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How to Choose Virtual Staging Services 

Whilst you can do staged photos by yourself on an online app if you wish, it’s often better working with the experts. They’ll be able to provide you with more tailored advice and support than any app. Furthermore, they’ll partner with your real estate agent to work out the best solution for your particular property.

Although, you might want to consider the following traits when choosing your ideal virtual staging company:

  • Style of portfolio
  • Team experience
  • Range of services

Style of portfolio 

Your first data point when looking for your best virtual staging is their portfolio of staged photos. Do the photos feel realistic or fake and cheap? You’ll know yourself whether these are the types of photos that you want to use to present your own property. Part of your decision will be based on gut instinct but you should also ask the virtual staging company some key questions. These could include, for example, what their virtual furniture looks like. Also, what software do they use and how would they approach your case? You’re basically looking for them to give you enough choice without being overwhelming.

Team Experience 

It’s worth asking about the team’s background when interviewing virtual staging companies. You should expect to see a blend of digital expertise and design know-how. For instance, many virtual staging services also have graphic designers on their teams. Overall, the best virtual staging services know how to combine fashion and technology. This means that they can help you present your property in the best possible way.

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Range of Services 

Depending on what you’re looking for when virtually staging your home, you might want to assess whether you can get extra services on top of home staging. These could include, for example, virtual tours, virtual renovation services, and floor plans.


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