Contested Divorce

Divorce can be one of the most unpleasant experiences of your life. it may ruin your expectations from your marriage and dreams all at a time. people plan their lives with a special one and he or she turns out to be the worst choice. Many a time, couples tend to settle the matter amicably and get a divorce without creating any mess. However, there are situations when you need to get in touch with a contested divorce lawyer Birmingham and file a case in court. You should know when you must opt for a contested divorce.

Your spouse does not agree 

If your spouse does not agree to the terms and conditions of the divorce such as supporting children, dividing expenses or any other issue, it is a good idea to file a case in court and opt for a contested divorce. Negotiation plays an important role when it comes to settling outside the court and if it fails, you must hire a divorce lawyer and file for a divorce through court.

Abusive behavior

If you feel unsafe in the company of your spouse, you might not be able to discuss divorce with him. In this case, you must file a divorce in court and let your attorney know about his behavior. He can physically harm you or stalk you online or offline. It can be a threat to you and your children. To protect them, it is suggested to bring it to the notice of the court and lawyer so that stern actions can be taken against him making your divorce an easy process. 

Disputes over property

Many a time, couples have joint accounts, houses, and other assets, which need to be evaluated properly. If both spouses do agree to the division of these assets, they can file for a contested divorce. The lawyer ensures that every division is done as per the state laws including debt payments, rents, and other expenses. 

Disputes over children

Both parents may seek custody of their children or one of them may want to keep the kids. These matters can get ugly without the help of a lawyer. That’s why, it is good to opt for a contested divorce so that the court gives its verdict based on the facts and ability to support children. 

To get a divorce without any delay or problem, you must get in touch with a contested divorce lawyer.


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