Common issues for which you need to consider hiring a Relationship counsellor

We all live in a fairyland while getting married to one makes us believe we found our soul mates. So, we have a whirlwind courtship, get hitched, and live happily ever after! We often overlook life after marriage; sometimes, those fairytales don’t tell us that relationships need adjustment and a bit of sacrifice to work. 

Are you and your partner not seeing eye to eye anymore? Staying in a committed and long-term relationship is highly difficult, and that’s why people indulge in disagreements, arguments, and fights often. Ask yourself, despite incessant fights, is your relationship essential to you and your spouse? 

It has been observed that in 45% of first marriages, 60% and 73% of second and third marriages, the answer is “NO!” So, your relationship must be struggling. One of the best solutions to overcome relationship complexities is by hiring a relationship counsellor. 

So, what are those issues you have been facing? Let’s look at the 4 common issues for which you require a professional relationship counsellor. 

1. Almost every communication is negative, which leads to fights

Indifference is the biggest issue, which indicates you need a counsellor. On the other hand, excessive passion also restrains you from maintaining the relationship spark between you and your spouse. If you guys have been striving to get along as every conversation leads to fights, it’s a common demonstration of a massive breakdown in communication. 

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Therefore, this may lead both of you to be overly sensitive, acting from a place of discomfort, and getting protective, when there shouldn’t be any reason for it! If you are dealing with ongoing issues in your relationship, check out the regain reviews to get a complete notion of why online relationship counselling is important.  

2. Nontraditional relationships

Nontraditional committed relationships, for example, polyamory, swinging, and open relationships might have severe struggles. However, some of which are precise to their identity and lifestyle, which are the real struggles that all the couples deal with! 

It could be daunting enough to seek therapy for not being perceivable as such type of intimate relationship one is in. However, a nontraditional relationship is undoubtedly a significant issue, which relationship counsellors are comfortable enough to mitigate by offering an open and safe place to resolve relationship hardships of the couples. 

3. One is accusing another of having an affair 

Daydreaming about an affair is a sure-fire sign that you want something different from what you recently have. It’s probable for a relationship to live after one of the partners has had a serious affair; it’s sensible to look out for the professional help of a relationship counsellor before that happens. 

If both of you are honest and stay committed during the counselling, the relationship might be saved. It’s better to understand that moving on is the healthiest way to be happy. 

4. You are living isolated lives under one roof

The transition from being intimate partners to roommates is a vital sign for which you must consider hiring a relationship counsellor. This doesn’t imply a couple is in difficulty just because they don’t do things together. 

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Instead, if there is an inadequate conversation, intimacy, and communication, or if they observe their “coexistence,” this might be a leading issue. Hence, this indicates it’s high time to consult a proficient counsellor who can help sort things out that are missing between you and can keep everything back on track!

All the relationships have endless fights and arguments, but a relationship will cease to exist without solving such issues. Couple counselling is worth taking into consideration and can eventually promote advantageous change for years to come! 




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