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Cannabidiol or CBD oil is emerging as one of the most popular alternatives for treating a wide range of conditions, especially pain. CBD essential oil has minimum side effects, making it safe for use, even with children. It is also recommended for treating anxiety disorders, insomnia, and other sleep disorders.

Is CBD Oil Legal?

According to federal laws, cannabis is a banned substance, though it is legal in almost all states. With research still going on about CBD oil’s benefits to humans, its potential is still not understood fully. It is one of the main compounds present in cannabis, with the other being Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, which provides the high associated with marijuana.

Most of the CBD products sold for medical purposes are devoid of THC and its intoxicating effects. However, CBD products with 0.3% or less THC are declared legal in several states.

Another fact is that, unlike THC, it does not bind to cannabinoid receptors, the crucial components of the endocannabinoid system in humans, playing a decisive role in the central nervous system. These endocannabinoids help regulate various conditions, including memory, mood, pain, stress, and immunity.

Here are some reasons why CBD essential oil makes an excellent health supplement:

1. Treating Epilepsy

The rare types of epilepsy, Dravet syndrome, and Lennox-Gastaut respond well when treated with CBD oil. Treating Epileptic seizures caused by these conditions and seizures associated with tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC) with CBD oil is approved by the FDA. TSC can affect infants at a tender age of one, and CBD is safe for even such infants.

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Before the FDA approved CBD oil, there were rigorous human studies, though it is still a mystery how CBD oil helps control epileptic seizures. One theory goes that CBD can influence receptors responsible for seizure activity. Doctors recommend using CBD with other antiepileptic drugs to treat epilepsy.

2. As Anti-inflammatory and Pain Killer

CBD oil is effective in treating pain and has been recommended for treating peripheral neuropathy of the legs. While no side effects are reported, patients admitted there was a reduction in intense pain and itchy sensations associated with neuropathy. Also, people with rheumatoid arthritis were treated with CBD oil and reported a decrease in arthritis inflammation.

3. To treat Anxiety Disorders

Several studies on animals have proved that CBD oil has a positive effect on anxiety and mood disorders. Several articles have been published on a study on humans where they could shed their inhibitions and get rid of anxiety caused by public speaking.

The speakers with common generalized Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) who were administered CBD reported freedom from anxiety. The study declared that pretreatment with CBD resulted in a significant reduction in anxiety, discomfort while speaking, and cognitive impairment.

4. Helps Reduce Acne

With over 9% of the global population affected by acne, a definite cure is still very elusive. However, experts believe that several factors are responsible for acne, including bacteria, genetics, and the excessive production of sebum, the oily secretion in the skin’s subcutaneous glands.

Scientific studies indicate that CBD oil may help treat acne because of its anti-inflammatory properties and its property of inhibiting or reducing sebum production.

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Another study indicates that CBD has sebostatic and anti-inflammatory effects on human sebocytes and helps regulate cutaneous cell growth and differentiation. The study concluded that CBD behaves as a highly effective sebostatic agent.

5. CBD has Neuroprotective Properties

It is proved that CBD is neuroprotective and can help in treating traumatic brain injury. CBD’s ability to act on your endocannabinoid and brain signaling systems proves beneficial in treating neurological disorders. CBD has been used in treating Multiple Sclerosis (MS), an autoimmune condition affecting the brain and spinal cord.

Multiple sclerosis occurs when the immune system turns against the myelin coating the nerve fibers. Anecdotal research indicates that cannabinoids can be used to treat its various symptoms.

6. Better Heart Health

Research indicates that CBD can help lower high blood pressure and benefit the heart and vascular system. High blood pressure often leads to strokes, heart attacks, and metabolic syndrome.

Even a single dose (600 mg) of CBD oil can help reduce resting blood pressure, which is attributable to the anxiety-reducing property of CBD. Also, CBD may help reduce inflammation and cell death associated with cardiac diseases.

Other Benefits

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, CBD also has antipsychotic effects and can help treat schizophrenia and other mental disorders. CBD is recommended for treating drug addiction as it is capable of modifying circuits in the brain. It is believed to help prevent malignant tumors in the breast, brain, colon, and lungs.

While CBD can help treat pain and anxiety disorders, its main advantage is the minimal side effects compared to other pharmaceutical drugs.

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