Can you count cards when you play blackjack online?

Card counting is a popular strategy that players wonder if it can work when playing blackjack online. Gamblers use this technique to increase their winning chances. Edward Thorp invented this method which involves keeping a count of the cards as they are dealt. 

In brick-and-mortar casinos this method can work but it is not possible for players to count cards when playing blackjack in online casinos. Casinos have various defense mechanisms making it a rather difficult process. It is virtually impossible to count cards even when players get a freshly shuffled shoe. The addition of live dealer games and random number generators makes the strategy more difficult.

Moreover, when playing for real money, casinos have software monitoring the game to keep count of the shoe. The games also have restrictions and rules that prevent this strategy to work. You can find alternative blackjack strategies on and try them out.

Is card counting illegal at Online Casinos?

Card counting is not illegal, and players try to do it to a degree. It is most prevalent in land-based casinos. However, this strategy is frowned upon. Online casinos put up measures to prevent card counting during live blackjack online games

Developers design live blackjack to be resistant to card counting strategies. For this reason, card counters cannot get an accurate count. Additionally, players who use this strategy can be blocked from accessing various casinos. Gamblers with a suspicious high winning streak get flagged and reported to the operator.

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Online Blackjack Card Counting and RNG

The Random Number Generator or RNG is at the heart of online gambling. It controls online casino games, and that includes online blackjack. The RNG’s goal is to prevent predictability in the games. It generates random numbers during online Blackjack games which guarantees fairness to all players. 

Online blackjack card counting is prevented through the RNG. The RNG shuffles the cards after each online blackjack game. As a result, it ensures each hand is randomly delt leading to an unpredictable outcome. Casinos use the online Blackjack RNG software in place of dealers. It guarantees Fairplay and honesty throughout the game. 

Since the results are truly random as the RNG does not know previous results, it lacks a predictable pattern. For this reason, the card counting strategy will fail when playing online blackjack. 

How do live dealers prevent you from counting cards

When playing live dealer blackjack, there are various methods that prevent card counting from having an accurate count. First, dealers use multiple decks. Gamblers play live blackjack using 8 decks with 52 cards. Dealers change the shoe once they deal 4 decks reducing the penetration to 50%. 

Moreover, some tables have automatic shuffling, providing a fresh shoe before dealing with each hand. However, it is a rare practice, but it makes the game unfavorable for players counting cards. 

Secondly, online casinos use continuous shuffling machines, making it possible to use multiple decks. This technique resets and reshuffles the multiple decks at every single hand.

Adequate rounds each hour can allow card counting effectively. Therefore, a card counter can play more hands per hour and expect to make more. However, in live blackjack online, games are slow, making card counting fruitless. Lastly, casinos use bet tracking software to prevent card counting.

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Live blackjack card counting – Is it profitable

Though card counting is not illegal, and anyone can try it, it takes a lot of time to be profitable. It takes tremendous effort and commitment to succeed as a card counter. A player would need to spend a lot of time in casinos perfecting this strategy.

Spending a lot of time playing improves a player’s gambling skills in the casino. However, it is not a sustainable strategy for players who want to win. Additionally, players have to worry about getting their accounts closed for suspicious activities if they start winning too often. 

Furthermore, online casinos have more measures guarding against card counting. Measures such as the RNG, continuous card shuffling, using multiple decks, and bet tracking software makes card counting highly unreliable. 


Players rarely make real money when using card counting strategies. They can be lucky occasionally when playing. However, it is not profitable. RNG and other countermeasures prevent players from beating the system. 

Gamblers can use card counting in land-based casinos but not online. Even then, it is tricky as casinos are always on the lookout for such techniques. If players want to increase the chance of winning at a live blackjack event, they can study other methods.

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