Building Marketing Automations With SERP API

The need for marketing automation is now more than ever. If you want to automate your SEO or AdWords marketing activities, then you must use an automation tool that’s reliable and easy to use. One such tool is the SERP API.

If you’re unfamiliar with the tool, then it’s an API service that allows you to obtain Google search results in a JSON format.

In this guide, we’ll explain how you can build marketing automation using the SERP API too.

What is SERP API?

Many people who’re new to marketing automation aren’t familiar with SERP API. Although it’s simple and untroublesome, it’s better to get clarity on what the tool is all about.

SERP API is an API or Application Programming Interface offered by WhatsMySERP. You use this tool to collect the data on the first 100 Google search results.

Why is this important, you ask?

That’s because the results keep on fluctuating all the time. You may see a certain web page on the first rank for a given keyword. Then when you search for the same keyword a few hours or days later, you’ll see a different result.

As the saying goes in the SEO world, “The only constant in SEO is changing.”

You can partly attribute the changes to Google’s RankBrain algorithm. It is a machine learning or ML algorithm that is designed to process an unfathomable amount of data that regular algorithms cannot.

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The ML algorithm constantly shuffles the pages around to test and see which ones are the most relevant to the users.

RankBrain is not the only reason the results change. They can change because of differences in location and device usage. So, if your friend searches for the same keyword on his laptop that you search for on your iPhone, then the results will most likely be contrasting.

Now imagine keeping up with these changes manually to see what your SEO efforts look like. It’d be a tedious task, to say the least.

With a tool like SERP API, you get the most updated results with just a click of a button.

Using SERP API to Automate Marketing

So how do you use the API tool to automate your marketing? That depends on what your marketing activities look like. The tool is most valuable when you want to automate your search engine marketing.

Automatically Track SEO Rankings

You’re already aware of how cumbersome tracking SEO rankings manually is. You’d have to spend hours tracking the ranking for each keyword. And the next day, you may see the rankings erroneous.

You can automate this manual ranking check with the SERP API. WhatsMySerp, the makers behind the API tool, maintain the database of the latest rankings for every keyword.

You can get access to this database by using the SERP API tool. The tool will reveal the top page rankings for the keyword.

Not only the top rankings, but you can also get all the results till the last page.

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So the task that’d have taken you at least a good 10 minutes is completed within a few seconds.

Check Competitors Easily

When conducting an SEO audit, you always check the competitors you’d have to deal with. This is a foundation for all SEO undertakings.

Just like your own rankings, the placement of your competitors on the search results page changes too. Today, they can be below you. But tomorrow, they may secure a rank above you.

Therefore, you’d have to adjust your marketing efforts accordingly.

Instead of manually checking for the web pages ranking on the search engine results page, you can use the API tool to gather the data.

This will save you time and get you the most accurate and updated data.

With the API tool or WhatsMySerp console, you can check rankings based on location and device. Since Google shows different results to two separate demographics, you have to do multiple searches using a VPN.

By using this API, you eliminate the need for a VPN too. Simply set the location to the searcher’s location, choose a device, and find the search results for the keyword.

How to Use the API Tool?

It’s worth mentioning that SERP API is not an automation tool. You cannot automate your marketing efforts on this tool. For that purpose, you’re required to use software like HubSpot that centralizes all your marketing data.

The API offers a way for you to grab the SERP data without manually performing the searches for each keyword separately.

To use the API, you must sign up and create an account. Creating an account is free and doesn’t cost money.

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From your account, grab the API keys. These are the credentials you’ll be using to make API calls from your automation software.

After the SERP API tool receives your request, it will return the results in JSON format.

With the free account, you can make up to 100 searches. To get data on more searches, you need to upgrade to a paid account.

To Sum up

The future of search, both text-based and voice-based, will be machine learning and AI-based. It’d essentially mean there will be more fluctuations with rankings.

If you’re an SEO manager, you’ll find it impossible to keep track of every fluctuation. That’s when you’d need an automation tool for SERP API scraping.


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