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Online casinos continue to look for new ways to attract players to their sites and to keep them engaged and interested for as long as possible. Various methods are continually adopted, with promotions and bonuses among the most prevalent. However, brands also look to offer a multitude of different games, too.

When thinking of casino games, the traditional poker, roulette, blackjack and slot titles will typically be thought of first. Of course, these are the games that are synonymous with the industry, and they are the most popular.

Each of these titles continue to offer entertainment and enjoyment in their unique ways. At the same time, with numerous variants available, they can each provide a different experience with each session, thus helping to maintain their status as favorites.

While casinos in the UK continue to use these game types as a way to try and attract new players to their sites, many are adopting new game types, too. Sites are adding new games to their catalogues to try to encourage new members to sign up or to keep players playing for longer periods of time and spending more money.

What are the most unconventional casino games being played in the UK?

Given the overwhelming popularity of the games that are considered to be more traditional, it can often be difficult to find some of the unconventional casino games that are available.

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Nonetheless, a quick browse of a UK casino game library will normally suffice, as they continue to provide numerous options to ensure their players will be able to obtain the best gaming sessions and experiences possible.


Among the most unconventional that is widely enjoyed is Keno. This game type involves numbers and can be considered to be similar to the classic bingo. 

Players are tasked with picking the numbers that they think will win, with wins being paid out on how many are correctly chosen. It is a game that involves no skill, thus making it accessible to everyone.

Super Sic Bo

A game that dates back to ancient China, Super Sic Bo is another unconventional casino game that has made its way to UK casinos. 

Players are able to play this with an authentic experience as it is usually played as a live dealer game. It involves wagering on the outcome of the three dice that are rolled, with bets being paid when the right outcome has been correctly predicted. It makes it an engaging game and something very unique compared to the others that are traditionally enjoyed.


Pachinko is another game that originated in Asia, although this time from Japan. It has been a huge hit with players from the country and is beginning to become successful in the UK now that online casinos are starting to add it to their libraries. 

The game mixes the elements of slots, pinball and anime. Anime and manga have become hugely popular in recent decades and has arguably helped improve the appeal of this game. Players must try and get as many balls as they can into one pocket to win the biggest prizes.

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Why are unconventional casino games catching on with UK players?

While there are many players in the UK who are happy to receive experiences that they are familiar with when playing their favorite casino games, there are some that want to be able to obtain more.

Unconventional titles and game types can help remove the familiarity that can be experienced. They provide a sense of the unknown and unpredictability, thus allowing some to feel more excited about what could be about to happen. Non-traditional games can also provide a quicker and simpler gaming experience, as rules are not too complex or emphasise faster gameplay.

The Bottom Line

Unconventional casino games are becoming increasingly widespread across the UK as operators recognize the need to keep their players engaged for longer periods. They also understand that behaviors and attitudes are changing as more continue to seek new experiences that go against the norm, as these may have become boring or stale.

It would not be a surprise to see even more games that are considered non-traditional be created in the future, given the advancements experienced across technology, but for now, there is already plenty for UK players to enjoy.