6 Reasons That Using a Bong Is the Best Social Smoking Method!

If you’re an intermediate or seasoned smoker, you likely share an occasional smoke session with your friends. Smoking together is one of the best ways to enjoy time with your friends, whether you’re just hanging out or even at a party. 

And what better way of making that experience even more fun than with a bong. Not a lot of people know this, but bongs have been a staple smoking accessory for thousands of years.

But the same holds to this day, with bongs being very popular among tobacco and marijuana smokers. 

If you’re still on the fence about whether you should buy a bong for when your stoner friends come over, here are six compelling reasons that will have you making your way to a smoke shop today. 

1. Bongs Give Stronger Hits Than Pipes 

That’s right; if you think a pipe or joint gives the best hits, then you’ve not tried a bong. Once you ignite your weed, the smoke goes through the downstem and into the water, where it is filtered before collecting in the chamber.  

The sheer size of the chamber allows you to take a bigger hit which gives you a more potent and longer-lasting high. So, unlike a joint or pipe, where you may need a couple of puffs to get high, you can take one big hit and pass it along to your friends. 

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2. A Bong Holds More Product Than a Pipe 

Bongs are pretty big smoking accessories. So, the bowl that holds your crushed herb has more room for a lot of cannabis or tobacco than, say, a hand-held pipe or standard joint. Since it can keep more product, you can smoke with several people and get an excellent high without refilling. 

3. Bongs are More Hygienic Than Joints or Pipes 

This may sound like a bit of a reach because of how social bongs are, but it really can be more hygienic to smoke a bong than a joint or pipe if you do it right. 

The proper way to smoke bongs is to put your mouth inside the mouthpiece rather than around it. This method is meant to seal the mouthpiece as the filtered smoke accumulates in the chamber. The advantage is that the lips/ mouth doesn’t really touch the glass, making it easier to share. 

4. Bongs Enhance the Smoking Experience with Smoother Hits 

You and your friends will undoubtedly enjoy your smoking sessions best if you experience smoother hits all through. Bongs easily deliver smoother hits, thanks to water filtration that traps any burnt ash and tar that would otherwise irritate your throat once inhaled. 

5. Bongs Are Easy to Use and Practical, Even for Beginners 

Even if you and your friends have never used bongs before, you can quickly get the hang of things and enjoy your smoking sessions. You can control the size of your hits, which is particularly important as you learn your limits. Bongs are also easy to clean, even for newbies, making them an even more practical accessory for any smoker. 

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6. Bongs are Versatile and Visually Appealing 

High-quality bongs offer incredible versatility, thus offering you and your friends the ideal smoking experience. 

Premium bongs have universal joints and interchangeable pieces, which means that you can tailor your smoking experience to your liking. You can add a chiller coil, an extra percolator, ice catcher, or even switch the bowl to a nail for concentrates without purchasing a whole new system.

High-end bongs also feature innovative and appealing designs that you and your friend will surely appreciate. And even though the designs can at times seem somewhat intricate, the usability and practicality of these accessories remain unaffected. Do your research, and you will surely find pure works of art. 

Want to Enjoy Smoking with Your Friends? A Bong is the Perfect Smoking Accessory to Buy

A bong is an excellent and convenient way for you and your friends to get high together. There are many high-quality options in the market, which means you won’t miss finding a design that works well for you. Just have a checklist in place to ensure to choose the perfect one for you. 


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