Arcade escape rooms to experience this season 

Escape rooms have become quite popular over the recent couple of years. Major escape rooms like the fox in a box Chicago escape room and many others have helped in making this recreational activity popular among people of all age groups.

For the people of the UK who live in a town named Leamington, these escape rooms are a little less known but are still a must when if you are looking for things to do in Leamington this weekend.

Today’s blog is all about the same as here are some of the best escape rooms that one can visit to have a great time. 

1.The escapement

This is a live-action escape game where you need to complete challenges, find secret passages, decode ciphers, riddles along with basic puzzles to escape and win. You can choose from 3 major rooms that include Egyptian Exodus, Pirates of Polaris, and the Pit.

The goal of the developers of this room is to capture the imaginations of our players, irrespective of whether you want to sail the seas on board the Polaris or the journey to the center of the Earth in the Pit.

2.Houdini’s escape room experience

This is one of the lesser-known escape rooms in the United Kingdom and is based on a Japanese online game that goes by the name of “Takagism”. 

All of the players are locked inside of a themed room and you need serious teamwork and coordination to solve the puzzles if you want to escape and win the room within the designated time limit that is usually 60/90 minutes.

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3.Escape room Coventry

One of the best in the business, the escape room Coventry is a premier live escape room that offers a unique and fun way of entertaining people. 

The escape room is perfect for a group of 2 to 6 people. Simply group up and have a great time or you can also opt for the online escape rooms so you can enjoy all of it from your own home.

This is a great place for friends and family, so book your joyride now.

4.Escapism Chester

This is Chester’s premier live escape room that is fit for a group of 2 to 6 people. The escape room is full of surprises and is built to test the decision-making abilities of an individual when faced with critical conditions. 

Clues, puzzles, and ciphers all makeup for a great time that you can have with your friends and family once you enter the escape room.

5.Clue cracker

Being the only escape room in Tunbridge wells, this escape room has gained massive popularity and has three major games, all of them lasting 60 minutes. 

The three major rooms include the Jail Break, where you and your inmates try to escape before the prison warden catches up with you. The Diamond Dogs, a delicately poised jewelry heist, where you are your gang need to steal as much as you can along with the infamous Montgomery Diamond.

The last one being the Temple Quest, 60 minutes of madness unleashed. Make sure that you choose your team carefully if you want to win these different escape rooms.

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This escape room is the ultimate challenge of a team when it comes to strategic thinking and teamwork to solve a mix of puzzles and riddles. All you need to do is to choose your team, day, theme, time, and you are good to go.

This escape room is suitable for special occasions with friends and family.


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