“All I Want is a Skateboard!” Wow, that Sounds Cool, but is a Skateboard the Right Gift for Your Child?

Out of the blue, your son or daughter might be asking you for a skateboard. Is that OK? Could this potentially be even worse than the dreaded Red Ryder BB Gun request? Can you shoot your eye out with a skateboard? Especially for parents that didn’t skateboard themselves, this can be an understandably tough call.

The fact is that skateboarding is more popular than ever, especially for kids and absolutely for both boys and girls. The introduction of Skateboarding to the Olympics helped demonstrate the athleticism and artistry of modern skateboarding on the world stage. We saw a 13 year Japanese girl dazzle us on the street competition and become one of the youngest gold medalists ever. 

Skateboarding can be great for kids:

There really is a lot to like about skateboarding. It helps kids establish better balance and agility. It encourages creativity and persistence. A skater’s journey is never complete. Even adult skaters are always finding that next trick or obstacle to take on. For kids there is so much opportunity to help grow their self confidence and resilience. 

Skating can be done with others or by yourself:

Skaters tend to be incredibly supportive of one another. While it is clearly an individual endeavor, the friends one makes while skating can be some of the best they will ever have. There is so much respect out there for pushing and learning, sticking with it and eventually succeeding. At the same time, you don’t always need a group to skate with. One of the best skateboarders in the whole world invented many of skateboardings most important tricks by himself on a small 10×10 concrete pad at home. An endless variety of tricks can be explored in the driveway or on the sidewalk.  

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Safety can be managed:

Safety can of course be a legitimate concern. Kids should always wear helmets. Safety gear including knee, elbow and wrist guards are also always recomended. Skaters should progress thoughtfully and not try to conquer bigger obstacles or challenges until they are ready. That being said, occasionally they are going to fall.. and thanks to those pads, they are going to get up, and with encouragement, they will do it again. And they will be ok. This is a big part of skateboarding.

Skateboard purchasing tips for parents:

If you decide to get a skateboard, look for quality kids skateboards made in slightly smaller sizes for kids. You can expect to spend at least $100 on a decent skateboard, anything less and too many corners are being cut. A quality board gives kids the best chance of being successful and learning to skate more easily. You can typically use existing bike/scooter type helmet to start out and consider looking for a pad set that includes wrist, elbow and knee pads as a package to keep costs in control.  

Wrap Up: 

Skateboarding is a great activity for kids. They can do it on their own and also make new friends. It can be incredibly fun and good for their bodies and self esteem. Quality skateboards in kids sizes are available and affordable.

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