When we move a little back in time, we realize that our parents and grandparents insist on eating dry fruits every day. Little did we know they have so much to offer other than taste. It is now that we understand when doctors and big brands like Gourmet Garden that have the best premium quality dry fruits spread knowledge about the significance of these nutritious foods.


Many individuals still are not aware of a balanced diet, and for many, it is everything for them. And for both categories, including dry fruits in their daily routine is necessary. Lately, there have been many diseases taking a toll on people’s mental and physical health. Obesity, cholesterol, low energy levels, etc., do not allow your body to perform well, and you keep feeling dizzy all day. 


But, when you order some premium dry fruits from stores online, you can restore your lost health. Even if you don’t get it back entirely, you can stop your health from declining. Dry fruits are a great source of proteins, vitamins, minerals and dietary fibres. During your entire day, you can munch them without damaging your health any further. These are an excellent substitute for oily and high-calorie snacks. 


Body issues and lack of wellness can push your self-esteem down. We know all of us are beautiful. But more than that, we need to be healthy and fit. The premium dry fruits satisfy your gourmet desire and also maintain your robustness. Following are some of the premium dry fruit delicacies that become a must buy from Gourmet Garden.

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  • Cashews 

Immensely popular in India, cashews provide your body with approximately 73 percent of the total needed magnesium requirement. Cashew is referred to as a nut, but it is a seed that can boost your health performance. They regulate the fat and carbohydrate metabolism in the body and also help in losing weight.


  • Almonds 

Finding almonds is not challenging, but being able to find good and premium  ones is commendable. Almonds have a meagre amount of calories, and eating small quantities daily can boost your physical and mental health. When you buy premium dry fruits from Gourmet Garden, you ensure that your body is lowering bad cholesterol, which can be high in people who are obese or overweight.


  • Dates 


Dates are rich in flavour and satisfy your sweet tooth too. They have high iron and fibre contents that help you enhance your strength. They are a part of a delicious snack tray between the meals too. Having even a small quantity of them can suppress your hunger for some time; it helps in weight loss.


  • Pistachios 

When you ask the premium dry fruit stores to provide you with a unique tasting dry fruit, they will give you pistachios. Snacking on pistachios gives you a lot of benefits as they are very rich in fibres. It is suitable for your heart, can treat diabetes, improves haemoglobin, and rejuvenates blood circulation. 


  • Raisins 

For people who follow a low-salt diet, it can be challenging to find some snackable items with low salt content and are health-conscious. For them, raisins are one of the best munches. These are also used as garnishes on various foods. 

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  • Walnuts 

Walnuts are a squirrel’s favourite food. And now it has become a delectable snack for all of us too. It contains omega three fatty acids and alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) that help reduce body fat and improve cardiovascular fitness. Gourmet Garden farms produce premium quality pistachios which you can also add these as a topping for various dishes. 



Your health depends a lot on what you eat. So, the first step to make sure you are on the path to fitness is checking your diet. Monitoring your diet can make you feel as young as earlier. When we visit doctors and read about stuff like these, we realize that whatever our elders tell us is true and backed by science. And at Gourmet Garden, the farmers know that staying healthy is more important than looking beautiful and perfect. So, before anything, you must find a trustworthy premium dry fruit that offers you healthy and natural dry fruits. 


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