Eventually, choosing an appropriate replacement for WalkMe can be a difficult and time-consuming task but we have penned down this blog so that you can go through some comparisons related to the characteristics and value for your money. This way you will be able to learn about the WalkMe competitors and the task of choosing the best option will become an easier one. 

In this blog we have framed some comparison tables so that you understand the differences in an appropriate manner.

So without any further a due, let’s get started.

A comparison table depicting dissimilarities between WalkMe&Pendo:


  1. Output & feedback is assimilated from the operators through surveys.
  2. In order to track the users, what you can do is to pair the walk-throughs and the resources which are entirely knowledge based.
  3. In order to make the users aware about new features, shoutouts can be utilized.


  1. Output & feedback is assimilated through surveys. Also, you can directly get in touch with the users through in-app messages.
  2. With the help of Pendo, you can develop guides for customers and product tours as well.
  3. In order to plan new characteristics, utilization of product roadmap can be done.


A comparison table depicting dissimilarities between WalkMe& One of the WalkMe Competitors:Appcues

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  1. WalkMe is known for assimilating with several different platforms that helps in providing training to the employees or the users.
  2. In order to monitor as well as manage the user data,WhatMe provides entirely different platform for analytics.
  3. WalkMe utilizes lists of tasks as well as walk-through in order to escort the consumers throughout the process of application.



  1. Appcues is known for entirely assimilating with your product in order to help you to keep the experience of the users consistent throughout the whole process.
  2. It helps in a way that it gets connected to your prevailing tech pile in order to relocate the whole data to your CRM platform.
  3. It helps in generating the checklists and walk-throughs in order to escort the customers with the product knowledge.


A comparison table depicting dissimilarities between WalkMe&Userlane


  1. In order to keep the users and operators on track, WalkMe helps in producing guided lists of tasks, walk-throughs and Smart Tips.
  2. WalkMe helps in assimilating feedback through reviews and surveys
  3. For the process of implementation, there is a need for some type of technical skills and knowledge.
  4. With the help of analytics platform, you can easily discover the user behavior that how they are utilizing the application and how exactly they are interrelating with your queries.
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  1. Userlane helps in generating channeled walk-throughs
  2. In Userlane, feedback from the users is assimilated by sending messages directly to the users through the app.
  3. Implementation can be done in an easier manner without the need of making any alterations in the application.
  4. With the help of analytics, it can easily be discovered that how the operators and users are interrelating with the walk-throughs. 

A comparison table depicting dissimilarities between WalkMe&Whatfix


  1. It helps in developing extensively guided walk-throughs which further helps in enhancing the adoption of the users.
  2. Helps the users to have an easy access to the materials in the app itself
  3. WalkMe helps in incorporating with an LMS
  4. With the help of in-app queries and surveys, feedback from the users can be collected.
  5. WalkMe is known for directly incorporating with foremost platforms.



  1. Whatfix helps in generating guided walk-throughs and further helps in engendering slideshows, videos and several other formats that easily suit the learning styles of the users.
  2. There is a contextualization of a self-help menu in which there are several training materials.
  3. In addition to incorporating with an LMS, Whatfix also offers various packages that are SCORM compliant.
  4. With the help of in-app surveys, feedback from the users can be assimilated.
  5. In addition to incorporating with major platforms, the walk-throughs generates a button which helps the consumers to directly land on the platform in order to provide them support and guidance in real time.
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The entire above WalkMe alternatives have their own set of exclusive benefits. Out of all the above-mentioned alternatives, Whatfix stand out of the crowd as it possess some of the wide-ranging characteristics and easy to utilize option.


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