9 Tips On How to Build DIY Garage Shelving For Your House

Out of all the areas in our houses, it must be our garages which we put in the least effort to organize and decorate. Our garages are even the areas which we hide the most from visitors. Because of this, we also dump most of the stuff that we could not find the right place for in our garages. It will be the cause of many other problems that may arise. Some of them are pest problems and worsened clutter problems. With this, we could not stress enough how important it is to organize and even beautify even the most overlooked part of our house, which is the garage. If you are having trouble organizing your garage, here are a few tips that we can share with you.

1. Maximize with wall shelves

If you want to declutter and organize your garage, then you better invest in more garage shelving. To do this, you can maximize your vertical space and install wall shelves. It is the most ideal with garages, especially when the space on the floor will more likely be occupied by your car. More than this, you can go as high as you want with wall shelving, compared to shelves and cabinets that not only take up space on the floor but also has a limited height.

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2. Install track systems

Probably one of the greatest contributors to clutter in the garage is those that are shaped differently. These are the shapes that you cannot just pile on top of the other. Examples of these are rakes, shovels, and the like. For these items, track systems will be the best fit. Track systems are the kind of garage storage solutions that can orderly organize your items. It has lots of hooks that can store just about anything. Aside from this, track systems can also serve as an aesthetic appeal that will give your garage a rustic effect.

3. Hook bulky items

The key to efficient garage shelving is hanging everything on the wall. The mission is to keep everything off the wall as much as possible! With this said, you can also store those dreaded bulky items by hanging them on the wall. Besides, your car would not fit if you put these things on the wall. Utilize your hooks so you can hang as many things as you want.

4. Check out metal shelvings.

If wall shelving is not an option, metal shelvings can also work very well in your garage. With these things, you can store lots of things. Metal shelvings are also quite durable. It can also go higher up than any other shelf or cabinet.

5. Categorize and contain your stuff.

One of the reasons why most of our stuff is becoming more messed up is that we are having a hard time looking for things whenever we need them. As a result, you tend to rummage through your shelves and drawers. To help with this, you can group your tools and place them in toolboxes or tool kits. For example, you can place all your plumbing tools in one toolbox that you can still compartmentalize inside. This way, you would not have a hard time finding the things you need.

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6. Set up a workstation.

Aside from parking cars, we also use our garages for different activities that we cannot do indoors, like woodwork and other construction needs. With this, it would be a good storage idea to also set up a small workstation, where you can keep papers or sketches. It is also a good place where you can brainstorm ideas and note those down.

7. Use non-transparent bins.

Garage tools are not that sightly. To store them, it is better to use opaque bins where your stuff will not be seen easily. Use opaque bins, so when someone sees your garage, it will not look that bad.

8. Add labels

As we have mentioned before, label your boxes and shelves properly, so you will know where the things should be and where they should be put. More than this, labeling your bins can also add aesthetic appeal, depending on the style and uniformity of your label.

9. Organize your placements

To be more organized, you should also plan where you should keep things based on how often you use them. Store the things you usually use on places you can reach easily, like on low shelves. You can place those who you do not use that much at higher places.


Look for the right items!

Here are just some of the things that can help you organize your garage. Check out storables.com for more choices of storage solutions that may fit your style and needs when it comes to organizing your garage.

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