7 Ways to Save Energy for Your Home

There are many reasons why saving energy is beneficial for your home, whether you want to reduce your carbon footprint or you want to save money on monthly energy bills. While many homeowners can’t afford major renovation projects or solar panel installation, there are other ways to save on energy for your home.

Reducing your energy use can be difficult, but there are a few tricks that can help make it easier and more affordable. Some methods are even free!

#1. Use Natural Light

You may be surprised at just how well this little trick works. By simply turning off lights that you don’t need and using natural light whenever possible, you’ll see a lot of savings on your energy bill. During the winter, daylight hours may be limited and you’ll find yourself relying on indoor lighting more, but when summer rolls around, you can definitely take advantage of that sun!

Using natural light won’t just save energy in your home, but it can also boost your mood! Fortunately, it isn’t hard to increase your natural light usage and when you make a point to do so, you can benefit in more ways than one.

#2. Unplug Unused Devices

A lot of people forget to unplug their electronics when they’re not in use, but this can actually be the cause of a lot of your energy usage. Whether it’s your toaster, your laptop, your TV, or your space heater, unplugging devices when you aren’t using them or they aren’t charging can save energy.

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Many devices in your home actually use energy even when they’re powered off. Smart TVs use energy to stay connected to WiFi and the remote control even when they’re off. Coffee makers use energy to save settings and be ready at a moment’s notice. Even fully charged laptops and cell phones continue to draw energy from their power source.

While it may mean waiting a few extra seconds for a device to power back up, unplugging devices that aren’t in use can reduce as much as 10% of your energy usage!

#3. Buy Energy Efficient Appliances

Appliances can be expensive which is why many people choose to go with cheaper options and may not even think to look at the energy consumption ratings. However, appliances can be a major energy user and buying energy efficient appliances can have a noticeable impact on your energy use.

To determine how much energy your appliance requires, use an appliance electricity calculator. This will give you a clear idea of just how much it costs to operate certain appliances in your home and which appliances you should switch out for something that’s more energy efficient. 

#4. Re-Evaluate Your Laundry Habits

Washing machines and dryers are super useful, but they can also be major energy consumers. To save energy, use the cold water setting on your washer as this will prevent it from using excess energy to heat water with each load. You should also adjust your laundry settings depending on how large or small your load is.

If you’re worried about the efficiency of washing your clothes in cold water, you can look into purchasing cold water detergents. These detergents are made specifically for washing laundry in cooler water and will ensure that your clothes still come out fresh and clean. 

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Another change to make in your laundry habits is with your dryer. During the warmer months, hang your clothes out to dry rather than stuffing them in the dryer. You’ll save energy by not running the machine and your clothes will have a chance to air out naturally. This is often better for the materials and will help your clothes last longer.

#5. Check Out Your Shower Head

Everyone loves a hot, steamy shower, but this can actually have quite an impact on both your water and energy bill. If you love long, hot showers and aren’t willing to give them up, though, there are still options.

Look into a low-flow shower head. By installing a low-flow shower head instead of a regular one, you can reduce the amount of water that is used during your shower and therefore help reduce the energy usage. You’ll still be able to take hot showers and there will be plenty of water, but you’ll save energy without having to try.

#6. Try Energy-Saving Light Bulbs

These days, most people understand that LED lights cost less to use. They use less energy but are still plenty bright, making them a good option for households that want to save energy.

A newer form of energy-saving light bulbs are light-sensitive bulbs. These bulbs use smart technology to evaluate the amount of natural light within a room and turn off when they aren’t necessary. This is a great solution for people who have young kids or can’t remember to turn off lights on their own.

#7. Try Different Insulation Methods

Whether it’s summer or winter, good insulation will help reduce the work that your HVAC system does in order to keep your home at a decent temperature. While many people simply adjust the thermostat to be more energy efficient, you can also try out additional home insulation methods to keep heat in during the winter and out during the summer.

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Planting shrubs and plants around your home is a perfect solution for those who want a natural solution. They act as a windbreaker around your home and provide shade during the summer heat.

Another method is to use thick curtains. When made from heavy, dark materials, curtains can create a buffer around windows that may otherwise let in hot or cold air from outside. In the summer, they’ll prevent the sun from heating up a room. In the winter, they’ll keep cold wind from seeping through the panes.

Make the Change Today

For many homeowners, saving energy is a concern that they work hard to address. As energy prices go up and more homeowners try to save money or turn to renewable options, it can often feel overwhelming to start the journey. By just taking one step at a time, though, you can work toward saving energy in your home in ways that you can afford.


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