stem cell therapy

The stem cells have proven beneficial in treating various diseases, injuries, and other related health conditions. This technology of using stem cells has advanced, and the blood stem cells, a lot of children have been saved from diseases such as leukemia and born injuries. From the beginnings of stem cell therapy, neurodegenerative diseases, diabetes, and heart diseases have been managed, and the risk of death associated with them has been reduced. Stem cell therapy works by promoting the reparative response of affected parts of the body. The stem cells are made in the lab and modified to specialize in different kinds of cells. This article will explore the perks of stem cell therapy.

1. Help in Cardiovascular Diseases Treatment

From the research, the stem cells from an adult can differentiate to produce the cells required to repair the heart and blood vessels. The cardiovascular disease works by depriving the heart tissue of oxygen. This leads to scar tissue formation, which disrupts the blood flow and pressure. 

2. The Procedure Is Safe

Stem cell therapy is considered one of the safe methods to treat injuries and other diseases. Unlike the surgical procedure, which leads to tissue loss, stem cell therapy is regenerative; hence no tissue loss occurs. During normal procedures, there is a risk of infections and additional procedures in case one fails. However, when using stem cell therapy, most of these risk is reduced as it is autologous.

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3. Ethically Proven Treatment

When embryonic stem cells began, it was controversial as embryos had to be destroyed to retrieve the cells, leading to many people’s death in the process. This was banned, and the scientist admitted they were wrong. This led to the advancement of the study of adult stem cells, which are used today and can be modified to any body cell required. Also, the use of mesenchymal stem cells found in the bone marrow has been of great help in the treatment of damaged tissue. It can be able to stimulate nearby cells, releasing growth factors. This enables the healthy cells to divide and remove the damaged cells.

4. Can be Used for a Number of Applications

Stem cell therapy has continued to grow, and more modifications are being invented. Doctors and researchers have established different methods to make stem cells more effective. Some of the conditions include

5. Nerve injuries and disorders

When one gets involved in an accident, the nerves can get severely damaged and even reattach themselves. This can disable your motor function and cause you severe pain. However, with considerable research and tests, stem cell therapy has proved effective in enabling regeneration, which can help prolong a patient’s life.

6. Faster Procedure

Using stem cell therapy, the treatment time is greatly reduced compared to surgical options. This is because the cells are injected into the affected area, a procedure that may take less than half an hour. However, you need to be prepared beforehand for the procedure. Local anesthetics will be applied to reduce pain then the therapy is quicker to administer. Using the stem cell procedure, you don’t require time to recover.

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The advantages of using stem cell therapy are numerous. However, consulting and learning more about the risk and what you need to expect is vital.

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