2 Easy Steps to Convert Word to PDF Using PDFBear

PDF file conversion can be a difficult task when using the wrong tool. Luckily, users do not have to deal with stern converting tools because of the continuous development and innovation on the internet. There are numerous options for file converting tools that you can find on the internet. One is more advanced, or cheaper than the other. It is an everyday nightmare for people who deal with file conversion more often than others to find the best tool for their conversion needs.

PDFBear is an innovative platform designed to cater to every conversion and PDF editing needs at the most affordable price. Let us give you a brief overview of what this website can do for you.

PDFBear Overview

PDFBear is a file converting tool that covers a wide range of file formats to convert to. This platform also has a PDF editing feature that lets you revise and polish your PDF files effortlessly.

It can be easily used by anyone on the internet while withstanding an excellent safety and security policy for your converted and edited files on the server. Use this website to convert Word to PDF, PDF/A, Excel, PPT, JPG, PNG, and HTML.

As internet developers continuously bring in new applications and Softwares that are more developed than the ones that came before, they also attempt to provide these newly developed platforms as affordable as possible for the users.

This website is developed for the sole purpose of providing the most accessible and user-friendly conversion tool that can be used by anyone for free. If you only need the basic features of the this website– which is converting Word to PDF, or vice versa, and editing PDF files– then you don’t need to purchase a Pro account with PDFBear and just stick to its basic version.

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But if you are a professional or a corporate entity that deals with file conversion and PDF file editing daily, then the Pro Account is perfect for you. It has a 14-day free trial feature that lets you take in the awesome features the Pro account holds at the most affordable price.

Safety and Security Policy of PDFBear

People are more often to use a product that they are comfortable with because of its reliability. That is why, more often than not, we stick with things that we already know are safe to use.

PDFBear has a strict data security policy that ensures the security of files while being edited or converted by using strong SSL encryption for protection. It avoids the server from being compromised while performing. The server also automatically deletes files that went through the server within 60 minutes of conversion or editing. This website assures your files, confidential or not, won’t be kept on the server at all.

Also, this data security policy applies across all platforms (Linux, Mac, and Windows) and browsers because PDFBear has a cross-web compatibility feature. This means users can and will experience and view this website the same as every other platform and browser in the field.

2 Easy Steps for File Conversion

PDFBear is a user-friendly conversion platform that makes sure the user’s experience will be simple and effortless. This is why this website only has two steps in converting your word document to a PDF file.

  1. Click on “Select Files” to choose your preferred file from your computer and upload it to the server.
  2. In a couple of seconds, your file is converted; you can click on “Download” to save your file on your computer, save it on your Dropbox, or send it through email straight from PDFBear.
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See how easy that was? That’s how effortless a file conversion should be. Two simple steps that will give quality output efficiently. Effortless, indeed.

More Key Features

One of the key features of PDFBear is its use of the Cloud when processing a document file in the server. This means when a file is uploaded on the server, it converts or edits it in the Cloud; through this, the process of conversion, or editing will not consume memory from your computer.

This website  has an exceptionally fast conversion rate; in less than 30 seconds you are done with one file conversion and you can simply move on to the next, no hassle! Not only does this website value your privacy and security, but it also values your time.

Moreover, you can use this website to edit, merge, split, compress, repair, add watermark, sign, protect, unlock, number pages, share documents, and delete specific pages. These are all the awesome features of PDFBear that you can take advantage of to optimize and organize your PDF files.

Quality Matters

PDFBear preserves your content format and puts it in the converted version of your file. This keeps you from re-editing and re-formatting everything; the server automatically detects the highest quality available for your file and chooses it for you.

This website upholds its authenticity. Thus, it serves efficiency and reliability to users throughout different file formats, browsers, and platforms.


It takes patience and some skills to get used to the standard conversion process; which is most frustrating for many reasons. For example, if you are the type of user who sticks with a standard, long-standing converting platform; chances are you are dealing with a too complicated conversion process.

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The conversion process should be better now, especially now that we’re living in the modern era where everything is done quickly and simply. The innovation of all the tools that are commonly used in our everyday lives is continuous. It is more common for us to encounter a new platform designed to make the lives of every user easier.

We highly recommend PDFBear! Not only is it worth your money, but your time as well. Take a glimpse of what the fuss is all about and we guarantee you, it is worth it!


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