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If you’re looking for ways to sharpen the connection between your mind and body, there are a number of strategies you can use to do so.

By exploring your mind-body connection, you are, in essence, determining how your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and attitudes can be explored in order to positively or negatively affect your biological functioning.

Experts argue that our physical body and our mental activity are intimately connected, and by improving our mind-body connection, we can really positively shape our lives. 

To explore how this might be possible, we’ve pulled together a list of 11 ways to sharpen your brain-body connection.

1. Practice Yoga

Many experts agree that incorporating the practice of yoga is essential to improving the connection your brain and body have to one another. 

Yoga, an ancient mind-body exercise, is when you unite both the mind and body in precise physical movements and controlled breathing. 

By engaging in this practice, not only can you stay in optimal health, but you can lengthen and strengthen your muscles, create calming physical sensations in your body, explore your body’s range of motion, and improve your balance.

2. Release Toxic Emotions

Many might not know that the body holds a lot of unprocessed emotional residue from the past. This might include feelings of pain, hurt, disappointment, or anger. 

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Thankfully, this kind of toxicity – which negatively impacts both the mind and body – can be eliminated by declaring to yourself that you are cleaning the house and letting them go. 

In addition to processing these emotions, experts argue that Vegan omega 3 is a supplement that has been known to be beneficial in fighting anxiety, depression, and inflammation that can result from these feelings. 

3. Stay Hydrated

You would be surprised how many problems water clears up. Experts remind us that 60 percent of our body is composed of water, and as a result, our body needs plenty of hydration to ensure that our cells, tissues, and organs function properly. 

When we do not take in the proper amounts of water, this can lead to several physical and mental issues such as headaches and fatigue. So no matter where you are, be sure to continuously sip on water.

4. Practice Meditation

Another great way to sharpen your brain-body connection is to engage in meditation which allows you to experience a state of peaceful awareness and let go of negative thoughts and feelings. 

Whether it’s for ten minutes or an hour, engaging in meditation allows the body to achieve a profound relaxation and significantly reduces fatigue, anxiety, stress, and chronic pain.

5. Give Yourself a Mental Workout

Another great way to sharpen your brain-body connection is to challenge your brain to new tests. 

You can try learning a new language on programs like Duolingo or interacting with others while simultaneously expanding your vocabulary on games like Words with Friends, or alternatively, you can take up puzzles or sudoku for that extra challenge. 

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Using your brain in this way, will keep your mind fresh, strong, engaged, and firing on all cylinders. 

6. Laughter 

You would be surprised at how laughter can really be the best medicine. Experts suggest that in addition to helping boost your mood, laughing stimulates your heart, lungs, muscles, and immune system. So whenever you need that extra boost, turn to comedy for that cure. 

7. Get a Massage 

In addition to a series of relaxation efforts, getting a massage is yet another option for sharpening your brain-body connection. 

According to experts, the benefits of getting a massage include reducing tension and stress and improving your blood circulation. If you do not have a loved one that can give you a simple message, consider visiting a masseuse who can travel to your home with a mobile tablet. 

8. Spend Time Outside

Another solution is to spend time in the outdoors where you can enjoy fresh air, ground your body amid the benefits of nature, and get your much-needed vitamin D. 

Whether you are taking a walk, relaxing and sunbathing outdoors, taking in the relaxing sounds of rain falling, or meditating on your porch, being outside can go a long way to helping you connect your mind and body.

9. Be Present by Limiting Screen Time

You would be surprised how important being present is. One of the ways to increase your ability to be present is by limiting or entirely reducing your screen time on devices such as your phone or tv. 

Both of these devices can be the ultimate distractors, so it is important to set daily time limits so that you don’t pour all of your energy into them. 

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10. Avoid Sitting for Extended Periods of Time

Being sedentary can be a bad thing, so it’s important that you avoid sitting for extended periods of time. 

To limit your seated time, consider waking up a bit earlier and going for a quick walk or sitting on an exercise ball so that you can activate your abs during the day. 

You can even set the alarm on your phone to do shoulder circles so that you avoid dipping into a bad posture position.

11. Prioritize Sleep 

The final suggestion to encourage a great brain-body connection is prioritizing your sleep. As an adult, you will need anywhere from six to eight solid hours each night so that you can thrive throughout your day.  

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