Cheap Lace front wigs

Cheap Lace front wigs are an extremely cute and versatile hairstyle for natural hair lovers that can be customized to suit your wants, needs, and personal style. Here are some cute and creative lace front wig styles to inspire your next hairstyle.

Lace Front Wig Styles for Summer and Beyond

As you begin to explore lace front wig options for your next protective look, here are ten ideas to use to inspire you the next time you install a lace front wig.

  1. Wear your colored wigs

Why wear a standard lace front wig when you can enhance your look with a pop of color? As the days heat up this summer, try opting for bright and bold wig colors like oranges, reds, pinks, and more. You’ll be amazed at how well the colors look on you and will turn heads in any room you walk into.

  1. Natural-looking curly lace front

If you like the idea of ​​lace front wigs but are worried about how natural they look, try going with a natural looking wig option. Lace front wigs come in different types of hair textures, so whether you’re looking for a 3b curl or a 4c coil, there’s sure to be a texture for you. 

To help make your wig look even more natural during the installation process, try using SheaMoisture Tea Tree & Borage Seed Oil Bonding Glue for Wigs and Weaves. This will help secure the wig and prevent it from being lifted during the day.

  1. Lace front with pixie cut

The “Pixie Cut” wig style is ideal for trying out short hairstyles without cutting your hair. It’s also great if you like to keep your hair short, to begin with. To add some pizzazz and glamor to this look, color your wig a fun and quirky color like the green in this photo.

  1. Long Straight Lace Front Wig

Keep it classic and sleek by wearing your wig in a long straight hairstyle. It is a style that can be worn on multiple occasions, whether formal, casual or in between. It’s also a great way to start your wig collection if you’re just starting to explore the world of lace fronts. 

If you plan to wear this wig regularly, try using SheaMoisture Tea Tree Oil & Borage 2-in-1 Conditioner & Detangler. This product will help refresh your wig between uses.

  1. Long Wavy Style

The lace front with sliding dividers is a cute way to switch up your look if you don’t fancy having your hair parted in the middle or pulled back. Try spicing up the side part with long, voluminous waves to give your hair a luxurious and glamorous boost. 

To achieve a healthy-looking shine when wearing this style, use SheaMoisture Tea Tree & Borage Oil Shine Wig and Weave Spray when wearing this style.

  1. Loose curls style

Looking for a cute, formal look that you can wear to special occasions like proms, graduations, and weddings this summer?

Then try loose curls on your lace front wig. With this hairstyle, you’ll look classic, and unlike tighter curls, you don’t have to worry about your curls falling out or getting damaged throughout the day.

To make sure your curls don’t fly away, use SheaMoisture’s Flyaway & Wrap Mousse with Tea Tree Seed Oil and Borage.

  1. Curly Fringe Look

The curly fringe look is not only chic and unique, but it’s also a great place to start if you’re new to lace fronts. There’s no parting to blend in with your forehead so you can wear and install the lace without all the extra work.

When sporting this look, be sure to wear a water wave wig that you mist regularly with water to maintain the curl.

  1. The 70s Inspired Voluminous Hairstyle

This chunky ’70s-inspired look is a trend the beauty side of social media is raving about right now! If you feel like trying this hairstyle but don’t want to mess up your real hair, try it on your lace front wig! She looks supernatural, super chic and will be a trendsetter wherever she goes with this look.

  1. Wear Your Lace Front in a Bob Style

Bobs are perfect looks for everyday wear as they can be dressed up or down. Transform your bob from a day look to a night look by curling the ends of your bob. If you plan to wear a wig like this for everyday use, try using Wig & Weave’s Borage Seed & Tea Tree Oil Release Spray for gentle and safe removal. safety of any adhesive you may have used to apply your lace.

  1. Complete your lace front

On days when you don’t have the time or inclination to set up your lace front or when you want to spice up a hairstyle you’ve wanted for a while, try accessorizing your lace front with items like cute hats. and scarves.

Lace front blonde wigs have made it easy to create almost any hairstyle you can imagine. When researching your next hairstyle or starting to experiment with lace wigs, remember to have fun and express yourself freely in the style you create or wear.