You can't fix your hair sometimes but Klaiyi can

Wigs are a hair type structure used by humans which are made from human hair, animal hair, or synthetic fiber. People who have damaged hair, baldness, or any illness such as cancer, etc can use hair wigs. It is used for cosmetics purposes. People use hair wigs for long, thick hair and to cover the areas where they don’t have hair.

Nowadays most people need wigs that look like real human hair which has many types of texture such as curly, wavy, silky, and smooth or colored human hair wigs. Wigs are now an integral part of humans’ daily life and are used for their good appearance and beauty. So, when it comes to a wig that looks like human hair, we have a brand named Klaiyi hair wigs.

About the brand

Klaiyi hair is a minority-owned California-based enterprise that deals in 100% Virgin Human Hair, human Hair Wigs, and Weaves., With over ten years of experience in this field, the company delivers high-quality products without shedding, pesky tangled and can be bleached. The company was born out of the need for high-quality, textured, and all types of hair. Klaiyi hair amazes its clients by giving proper textured real-looking hair wigs which their clients expect.

There are 2 types of wigs which are very popularly known for their company and they are:

a). Colored human hair wigs

b). Human hair wigs

1. Colored human hair wigs:

Normally coloring our hair causes lots of damage such as frizzy, split ends, dry and also leads to heavy hair fall. So, to escape from these problems we have a solution which is nothing but using Klaiyi colored hair wigs. There are many types of colored hair wigs with them, which are very easy to use. It looks like original human-colored hair. So, with these colored human hair wigs, we have 2 uses which are it saves our hair from damage and the other one is it is easy to use and has many colors. We can use any color hair wig according to our wish.

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2. Human hair wigs:

Human hair wigs are made from 100% human hair. Due to different techniques used to make hair wigs for different people, texture hair wigs are made of two types: lace wigs and mechanism wigs. Human hair wigs have a longer lifespan and can be styled, colored, bleached, and heat styled as desired. Human wigs have a more natural appearance. People suffering from hair loss can use Klaiyi human hair wigs. Without going for hair transplantation and by saving money we can use Klaiyi human hair wigs. It is safe and doesn’t cause any skin damage.


Klaiyi hair wigs are easy to manage, affordable to use than going for hair transplantation. It looks as natural as human hair.  The company is proficient in sourcing and packaging affordable,100% luscious, full and silky Virgin hair. There are no synthetic fillers, chemicals, or artificial color or shine added to their products that cause damage to their client’s skin.



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