Why You Should Ensure That You Have the Contact Details of an Excellent Personal Injury Lawyer

You must take the time to select an excellent personal injury lawyer. You should store their details in your cell phone so that you have their number close to hand should you need it. The reason you should research and choose a lawyer before anything has happened is, after an incident, you may not have the brainpower or be thinking clearly. Pressing one or two buttons on your cell phone is a lot easier than trawling the internet, or opting for a lawyer that someone has quickly recommended.

#1 Trips and Falls Can Happen Anywhere

Trips and falls can not only happen anywhere at any time but can also happen to anyone, young or old. When you have experienced either a trip or a fall, you could, at the time, feel stupid, clumsy, and highly embarrassed. However, it is important to realize that those concerned individuals around you offering help will not see you as anything of the sort. 

You must do things correctly. If they are offering to help you to the hospital, then it is wise to do so. If not, you should make your own way there or get someone to phone an ambulance for you if you can’t do it yourself. This is so that your health can be checked out, and a doctor’s file and a documented history of your accident can be started. This will make any legal action you may wish to take operate smoothly. Where possible, you should also try to take down the contact details of anyone who saw the accident happen. 

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If you have the contact details of a personal injury lawyer, such as Franks Gerkin Ponitz & Greeley, you may want to phone them as soon as possible so that they can start getting your paperwork together with as many details as you can remember.

#2 Involvement in a Road Traffic Accident

Anyone who has been involved in a road traffic accident and survived will tell you it all happens very quickly. There are very few people that can truly keep it together and be fully functioning straight after the event. This is why it is a good reason to keep the details of a personal injury lawyer saved to your cell phone’s memory.

At best, a road traffic accident can be frustrating, with a little dent, scratch, or time out of your day to sort out insurance details and wait for highway police to arrive for a chat. However, at worst, it can be loss of life, or mean a drastic change in lifestyle, which is a different ball game. For a start, it could mean loss of livelihood, either completely or for a recovery period. Then, there is the addition of obtaining another vehicle and gaining the confidence to get back behind the wheel. Or, if they were a passenger, back in any car at all.

#3 Help with Compensation and Hospital Bills 

With any serious accident or one that affects loss of earnings either temporarily or permanently, you are going to need the help of someone that can get you some compensation. You could find that there is a long list of things that you will require some form of monetary recompense for.

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Certainly hospital, medication, and additional aftercare will all come at a large price, let alone any specialist equipment that you may need to hire or purchase to make your life or your recovery a more bearable journey. You may find that a personal injury lawyer will be able to help you with this, so you will not have to face upfront costs while waiting for your health insurance to kick in.

#4 Reasons Why You Should Never Represent Yourself in Court

If you have been involved in an accident that has affected your earnings, you are likely worried about money, or the lack of it. Paying out for a lawyer could, you might think, be the part that you could at least rein in your spending. 

However, you should make sure that you are thinking clearly. The law is amazingly complex and lawyers study for seven years (four years as an undergraduate, followed by three years in law school) there is no way you can retain that amount of information in the time that you will have between your accident and your court hearing. 

By representing yourself, you are setting yourself up to fail, and gain, at best, the minimum compensation package that you can be offered. By having a professional legal representative, you are not only more likely to win your case, but also get the full amount of compensation that you deserve awarded to you.