Which Kissanime is the Real One

The only downside of this site is that it features advertisements and pop-ups like other free video sites, but this is not a deal-breaker as it is a convenient place for anime lovers. It is completely free, and you can visit it for Anime. So it is safe to use it as a pirated site to view Anime for free, but it is legitimate to view it on such sites.

Kissanime is Outstanding Sites for Anime Lovers

Kissanime is one of the outstanding sites for those who prefer anime shows and anime movies. Daisuki is another indisputable anime site that offers you anime shows of the highest quality. At 9Anime, there are over 26,000 anime shows and films that are constantly being added.

AnimeLab is a legal website that offers thousands of anime shows for free. In addition to the basic features that most Kissanime alternatives offer, AnimeLab also has unique and useful features that distinguish it from other anime streaming sites. AnimeFreak is one of the most popular anime sites that offer a large library of high quality and free anime series.

Kissanime is the Oldest Anime Shows


One Piece Anime is one of the longest and oldest anime shows in Japan. If you are a die-hard fanatic of anime shows, One Piece is the right site for you. Like all sites, it is a dedicated site, and it has everything you need to see anime shows on One Piece.

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One of the better things about the Kissanime website is that you can report your problems and ask them to upload your favourite series to their homepage. If one of the pages on your device is not available or causes an error, you can try another page as an alternative to kissanime. You can set up an account on the KISS Anime website, and login into the site is not necessary, but logging in or logging out of the site will give you better results.


Given all these events, it is good to know that there are quite a few other Anime streaming sites besides the Kiss anime site. When kissanime is shut down, your favourite source of entertainment is not withheld from you, and you still have access to one of the best websites as a Kissanime alternative. People who feel that the site is no longer working can also check out Anime Karma, another anime streaming site.


These pages are safe to use and are listed below as the best anime websites for Kissanime. If you are looking for a website for kissanime, you should choose Kissanimes list. They are similar websites, but most of them are better.


Chia-Anime is free to use, has a great interface, has a solid content library and has very few ads compared to other free streaming sites. Anime-Planet is hailed as one of the best kissanime-like streaming sites.

Hundreds of Free Anime Alternative Sites


Besides KissAnime.ru, there are hundreds of free anime sites, and there are alternative sites listed below and work on PC, Amazon Fire TV sets and Android TV boxes. If this is the anime page you prefer, there is also 9Anime, a page where you can stream your favourite anime websites with FireStick or Fire TV.

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Kissanime is an anime-focused file streaming site that hosts links to embedded videos and allows users to stream and download movies and TV shows for free. It is one of the most popular names in Anime and was one of the most visited sites on the Internet before it was discontinued.


While there are no legal consequences for viewing free Anime on such sites, they are technically illegal. Kiss Anime websites are illegal websites, and ISPs in most countries block them.


Kissanime is a website where you can watch Anime for free; but many free websites offer this service, but they need money to work. If you are looking for an alternative to Kissanime and are not satisfied with the websites mentioned above, the last anime website I would recommend is Daisuki.

Alternative Kissanime Websites


For anime lovers who like Anime all season long, check out these alternative Kissanime websites. If you are looking for cushion anime alternatives and are fed up with the site’s glitches, you have landed in the right place to enjoy your favourite Anime. Animedao is one of the most famous anime sites outside of Kissanimes, where you can view the finished or in the works anime shows.


Kissanime uses Google’s Openload server, allowing users to download and stream Anime directly from the site. The Anime on Kissanime is not intended for redistribution or commercial ventures. Kissanime is available to download the mobile app Kissimmee (Kiss anime app), Anime (app for JP anime) and Kissanime PC in Google Store and Apple Store, which is ideal for those who enjoy kissanime.

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Anime Streams is the best Kissanime alternative, but there is no real replacement for Kissanimes. Can find many options in our list of the best Anime streaming sites.


If you use the IPVanish VPN, it will convert your real IP address to an anonymous new one. You are protected by a VPN, which means that you can stream and access your Firestick or Android TV box hidden from the rest of the world. If you need to stop the VPN, restart the vanish app and click on the disconnect button. Be aware that there are fake or cloned websites that claim to be the real ones and that the official Kissanime site and other domains with letters and dots are fake.

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