apartment in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is a great city to move to if you are looking for work, study, or an urbanistic view. Like any other big city in the US, it is a place where you can start a new life and chase your dreams. But first, you will have to figure out where you are going to live. You might become local in one of the most beautiful cities in North America after getting the best deal on the market for rental apartments.

No one wants to get chucked out after several days with no refund at all. Or stay at an inconvenient place at the edge of the city for the price of a whole apartment in the center. Down below, we will make a short list as well as explain why coliving is beneficial to rent a room on your own. Also, we will talk about where to look for Philadelphia apartments of such type.

Financial benefits of coliving

Coliving or communal living is a lifestyle where you share a house or an apartment with other people. A communal space can be a kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, or even a bedroom. It is much cheaper to live in a luxurious space while paying like for an average rental room. It is cheaper because you pay together. But there are much more advantages of coliving:

  • you can share food with other people, and they can share it with you — reduce food waste and save money on groceries;
  • if you are a parent, then chip in with other people with children to hire a nanny in most cases, many parents in coliving look after all the children in a coliving space;
  • there is a possibility for a senior person that many coliving community members will help them with mundane tasks — if there are several seniors in the community, you can hire one caregiver for everyone.
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There is also a psychological factor involved in the concept of coliving. It is much easier to reduce stress by spending time with your neighbors, chatting, and playing after a long working day. They can give you advice on how to get quickly acquainted with a new city. A positive energy boost can enhance your performance during work or study.

Where can you find a coliving apartment in Philadelphia

Check out the Outpost website and see whether there is a suitable option for you. Read feedback on the website or any web source to make sure that the company is real. If everything is all right, you can apply for coliving.

You will need to fill out a short form where you specify your First and Last name, email address, and phone number. Choose a neighborhood, tell us how long you plan to stay, and give a date when you hope to move in. After answering, you can ask a question or maybe there is additional information you want to share with a company. By clicking the button “submit” you will be contacted within a day. The Outpost team will give you information on available options based on your budget. Then, after credit check approval and payment, you can move in right away!