When Someone Suffers a Burn Injury

As per the statistics presented by World Health Organization in 2018, “An estimated 1,80,000 deaths every year are caused by burns- the vast majority occur in low-and middle-income countries.”

These statistics state fatalities from 2018 because of burn injuries. However, it doesn’t mean that we can’t emphasize people suffering from it in other ways. A burn injury refers to the damage caused to the body tissues due to heat, electricity, chemicals, radiation, or sunlight. Burns can be of different kinds, and the list can include radiation burns, electric burns, chemical burns, thermal burns, and others. It might be minor and can heal itself, or it can be severe, needing immediate medical attention. When specifying them, there can be three levels or classifications of burn injuries. 

1. First Degree:

This includes the injuries where burn only reaches the top layer of the skin. Usually, these kinds of burns can be treated at home and might not need serious medical attention. 

2. Second Degree:

This includes injuries to the top and the layer beneath that. It can be severe and require the victim to seek medical attention. It can often leave scars and blisters on the body.

3. Third Degree:

These are more serious and can damage the deeper layer of the tissue and the skin. These burns can even reach nerves and might need graft surgery. These injuries can be left to heal on their own. 

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Just like different stages of burn injuries, there can be many causes of the same too. On a major note, if these are caused due to negligence of the other party, you should not suffer in silence. If this is the case with you, you should reach up to a legal practitioner as soon as possible. Los Angeles has strict rules and similarly experienced attorneys. If you or someone you know is suffering because of some other person’s negligence, reaching a burn injury lawyer in Los Angeles is an essential step for it. However, before you approach one, here are the steps you need to follow: 

The Process to File for a Burn Injury Lawyer

a). Record What Happened

The first thing you need to do after suffering from a burn injury is to note down what happened. If possible, click pictures of the same. If the incident occurred at work, reach up to your employer. If it is a result of an exploding product, mention where you purchased that from. Keeping a record of the events can help you get the claim. 

b). Seek Medical Help

Even though it is essential to keep a record of what happened, you cannot ignore medical attention. Even a first-level burn that has affected skin of more than four inches or at sensitive areas comes under this. The bottom line is that you need medical attention, and you should avail of it. 

c). Seek Legal Help 

After you have sought medical attention, the next thing you need to do is reach a personal injury lawyer for your burn injury. The professional will investigate the incident at your end to find who was at fault. He/she can help you or file a claim for your sufferings. 

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The Bottom Line

Suffering because of someone else’s mistake is hapless. However, it doesn’t mean that the victim has to suffer forever, he or she can file a claim. If you or someone you loved has suffered a burn injury, you can reach a legal practitioner. Even though the incident can’t be undone, you can still file a claim for the sufferings and losses you are going through. If you reside in Los Angeles and are not clear with your rights or process in this scenario, it is advised to reach up to a lawyer for a burn injury in Los Angeles. To know more about Burn Injury Lawyer at  Grey Law might have the option to help, Call us now or you can visit our website for a free consultation!


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