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Nowadays, you can’t hear the news in the finance or technology industry without finding stories on the crypto market or blockchain news. Experts continuously talk about the future of cryptocurrency, while pro investors willingly manage their crypto assets in pursuit of the great dream of a crypto future. 

The only thing that we are sure about is we do not know what lies ahead for cryptocurrency. While the digital currency has gained enormous enthusiasm, most people and companies continue to live with it. For the crypto revolution to achieve its future dream, significant developments and improvements must be made. Get an excellent Bitcoin trading experience with this app!

This article will cover four main barriers to attain crypto mass adoption. 


Cryptocurrencies do not provide the stability that most people expect from transactional currency. Bitcoin may be a massive name in the crypto world. However, its relative volatility has impaired crypto’s reputation. Bitcoin’s value can change every minute or hour. Smaller coins only move a portion of a cent at a beat, while bitcoin can clash or soar at any given time. Although Bitcoin strived to be slightly more stable, most individuals can’t forget the massive crash in 2017.

Crypto investors are acquainted with the talks about regulatory uncertainties and speculations about supply price fluctuations. But, the public is less familiar with these rumors. For cryptocurrency to operate as the currency it wants to be and not just like any other assets, and the general public needs to know how much value their digital money is worth and how the price shifts from a given moment. 

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Regulatory Uncertainty

The absence of regulatory specifications makes it difficult for governing authorities to get involved. No one wants to beat the growth, and at the same time, no one wants to calm and let counterfeit initial coin offerings (ICO) steal consumers’ money.

Currently, most crypto operations can only go along with unclear rules and best practices. Regulations will eventually occur, but until they resolve the rules and hold crypto companies to respond to them, most people will be willing to wait along the way. 

Security Matters

Blockchain features rare security compared to other technologies. We can’t deny that the cryptocurrency world is filled with illicit schemes, scams, hackers eager to take crypto enthusiast’s virtual money.

Would you blame the public if they decide to store their money in traditional locations if they featured major hacks in the news? Hackers have stolen millions of dollars in digital currencies, right under the people who should know better. Given these illicit schemes, many are left hanging and wondering; if crypto platforms can’t even keep their funds safe, how could they possibly secure their customer’s cryptocurrency investments?

We currently see new protocols, procedures, and technologies enhanced to help avert hacks, frauds, and any malicious intent. Like any other thing, all processes take time, and it is only time that will prove how valid these security solutions will be. 

Lack of Knowledge

As intimidating as most of these concerns may seem, The foremost issue remains simple; many people still do not understand the concept of cryptocurrency They may come across the complexities and potential of crypto. However, if they want to grasp more, they have to take the drive. When trapped between accomplishing homework and binge-watching your favorite series, most people choose the latter.

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Several companies have created accessible, easy-to-follow guides on everything about cryptocurrency. So, it takes a lot of courage for the aspiring investor to be responsible enough in dealing with the private keys.

The present onboarding system for beginners requires moral support, third-party software extensions, and technical support. In addition to this, monitoring and managing digital currencies are challenging for new users who aren’t sure how to govern their assets. The simplicity of buying, trading, storing, and managing crypto will be essential for non-tech-savvy individuals. 


Before mass adoption happens, the crypto industry must address these barriers to equip people with the security they deserve. Even just a few of the participants can create a huge impact. The establishment of new resource centers and crypto communities or organisations will foster learning and innovation by educating the world around us appropriately and developing tools to tackle these obstacles.


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