What is Assurance Wireless?

Assurance Wireless is one of the largest and the national Lifeline Assistance cell phone carriers in the United States. It provides free government cell phones around 29 states and the District of Columbia. Virgin Mobile which is the subsidiary of Sprint Nextel takes care of the activities of the Assurance Wireless program.

Assurance Wireless program offers the users a free cell phone. It gives 350 free local and long-distance minutes. Unlimited text messages can be sent every month for the first four months. Also, you will receive 500 free minutes in a month. If 350 minutes plan is not enough for you, then you can pay a small monthly fee to purchase up to 750 additional minutes a month. We will also talk about google assurance wireless.

How a Smartphone can be used on Assurance Wireless?

Assurance Wireless program especially for low-income households. The United States Government launched the Assurance Wireless program. Assurance does not permit usage of their application on smartphones. But the truth is something else. They use Virgin Mobile’s service. The procedure is different in this system. You have to become a “donor,” and transfer the serial number and settings from that smartphone to the one you need to apply. You will have approved pay as you go phone.

Assurance wireless plans come with 350 minutes of free talk time as well as 500 MB of free data. It offers around 350 free local and long-distance minutes. If there is a need for more than 350 minutes, you can purchase more if you have a credit scorecard. Qualified customers are provided free Government cellular phones by phone organizations of the lifeline.

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There is no need to compare these cellular phones with an advanced smartphone. There might be a little chance that the devices which are offered can get an official upgrade as soon as VoIP phone service has been occupied over the world. The standard phone service for the needy is appreciated.

How to Qualify for Assurance Wireless?

You should be aware that not all people are eligible for the free phone service which is provided by Assurance Wireless. The Lifeline program provides assistance based on gross family profits. If you come under the US Poverty Guidelines, you will qualify for a free phone as well as service.

You will also qualify if you obtain assistance from specific authorities’ companies, along with SN, Medicaid, SSI, Section 8 Housing, etc.

You have to check your state to see which gain program makes you eligible. You need to check their internet site. If you need a little assistance, you should dial the customer service number. They will help you to apply. After that, you will have to download print and mail your application.

There are 3 kinds of benefit packages that are supplied by Assurance Wireless. They are mentioned as follows:

1. Privileges in line with family

2. Wireless advantages

3. Single wireline.

There is no need to worry about the information provided on Assurance Wireless because all records are available on their website. You need to enter your city on the site, and you will come to know whether their services are provided in your city.

How to Use and Upgrade Assurance Wireless Compatible Phones?

The very first thing is to check about the assurance wireless phones in which Assurance Wireless services are suited. You should check the information on e-commerce web sites. After you get the statistics, you can buy one either in a physical store or you can buy on online marketplaces like eBay and Amazon.

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Some phones are vintage models. If you want to get this phone to apply, you have to visit the assurance wireless site. Then you can download the application. You can also call their customer care number and request them to mail the application to you. You should send the application which is accompanied via proof of profits by using submitting payment status, or certification from the program you’re receiving assistance from, and W-2 forms,

If you want to upgrade, you can call customer service to check if you qualify for an upgrade of the Assurance Wireless smartphone.

If you want detailed information, you can check the following blog:

Wireless Phone Upgrade – Why & How?

Assurance wireless plans and phones

There are various plans which are free voice minutes 250 and 250 free texts, unlimited talk, text, and web with the aid of including $30 every month. You can spend $20 monthly for getting 1000 texts for 1000 minutes. You may use 500 minutes and 500 texts by way of adding $five consistent with the month. You can choose the $five, $20, or the $30 plan. After that, you can pay for another service of your choice, and add extra cash.

Google Voice Call Forwarding in Assurance Wireless

Google Voice is a 12 years old facility which very few people I asked know. Google Voice provides original VoIP services consisting of free calling services in the US. It provides a virtual phone number that can be used on any Google-connected device and you can make and receive phone or video calls.

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So go and Sign up for Google Voice. You will get a unique phone number. This number will work anywhere in the US. Google assurance wireless is the latest thing in this matter. You can make calls from your phone, desktop and on any device you have Google.

Now, with google voice, you can make the phone ring while someone calls your Google Voice wide you have to visit the Google Voice website. Pick up a smartphone phone, and upload Assurance Wireless plans and phones as one of the forwarding numbers. This information is found on some random website, so it is still uncertain whether it works properly.

The second step is that you need to share your Google Voice number because if you get a unique Assurance phone in the future, there is no need to tell a brand new number to your friends.


It can be concluded that if you are eligible, the Assurance Wireless program will offer you a free smartphone, 350 minutes free, and limitless texts. You can take the advantage of Assurance Wireless with Assurance Wireless free smartphones.


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