Some Ways to Expand Your Relationship at Work

Working in the modern world has become hard for many individuals. The major problem they face is the leader’s hard behavior or some problems with their colleagues. Because of diversity in the workplace, behavior and attitude of people do not match with each other that is why they face problems. Such problems are encountered in every part of the world in every organization.

Mainly it is the responsibility of the leader to provide an environment where everyone can showcase their skill with a chance to get promotion and recognition. Many companies who face a huge turnover every month face problems recruiting new employees and training them, thus losing the organization’s sustainable growth.

With such issues rising both employees and the managers need to take some actions because 79% of employees who leave jobs are due to lack of recognition and appreciation from managers as they feel they have done a good job that deserved an appreciation. There are some Ways to Expand Your Relationships at Work that managers or employees can take to expand positive peer relationships at work.

1. Define everyone’s role

Have you ever had feelings like, you are working hard and still there is no recognition and appreciation for you or you ever felt like that you have been left with the bad work projects while someone else is getting good continuously?

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Many such thoughts come to the mind of employees while working in the office. This is the biggest flaw in the management that lets employees think in such a manner. If a manager wants his team to work together he needs to look out for such misunderstandings in the workplace. And if you want to have Some Ways to Expand Your Relationship at Work this is the best advice to you. Never put your mind around such misleading thoughts. Everyone has their work and if it is not so then you should have a meeting with your leader.

2. Don’t work to be a favorite

This thing of becoming a favorite in the office and the eyes of the boss brings down many relations with you. If you are working just to get in the eyes of the boss people will hate you. If you will work for the progress of the company with the collaboration of the colleagues.

Playing favorites might get you an increment in salary or promotion but it will make you bad in the eyes of everyone in the office and you will lose respect. You should work hard for respect and when you will get a promotion by working harder than everyone else then you will see respect in everyone’s eyes. That is where most of the people go wrong, mainly the leaders. They try to put the employees in competition rather than collaboration.

Promoting competition for personal gain or organizational gain can have consequences in the long run. The importance of relationships in the workplace should be taken seriously because if not taken seriously Turnover will increase and employees will start leaving the organization due to lack of recognition and taunts from the winning party.

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3. Release your pressure but not in the office

Work brings stress in life but paying bills is also very important. This is a reason why a lot of people who are not satisfied with their jobs continue to do the job. The pressure that jobs build will get out somehow but a fool would take it out in the office and a wise person would handle it and realize it while with family or friends so that no effects come on the workplace. He can choose some healthy activities like going for a walk or gym to release negative energy.

4. See what you can learn

Being positive in every situation is a win for anyone who knows how to keep his calm. When working in an organization with diversity in the workforce there is an opportunity to learn a lot from every individual.

When you are free or at lunchtime, you can sit with different people to ask about their past experiences of job and life. People love to speak about their personality and experience and thus end up liking you. It will be a double win for you, you will have a good working relationship with that individual, and also you will have new knowledge and information for future processes.

This shows the importance of relationships in the workplace and how good relationships can get you knowledge and information that you can use for the betterment of your personality and your work performance.

5. Don’t take everything in the office personally

The office is a workplace where people are trying to solve issues of the company to get a salary. There are different posts that interlink with each other and when a person comes to you and speaks rudely or badly that means they have some issues with your working while sitting in a particular position. They are not talking about your personal life, they are just concerned about the person who is sitting a certain position in the organization. That is why it is never personal and you should never take it personally too.

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Employees and managers have a unique relationship that needs an understanding of backgrounds, cultures, norms, and values. Managing employees is not something that everyone can do. Deep knowledge of human resource management and employee background is required. The manager should see what the employee needs and what is disturbing him in the organization.

The manager should never play the role of a boss who only knows the results, does not matter how the results came to be. The last and final thing that a manager needs to do is to keep everything fair and equal. Inequality and favoritism in peer relationships at work can bring severe consequences to the company as it can lose hardworking and sincere employees due to a lack of recognition.

These all things sum up to make a good organization where an employee gets an opportunity to grow and show his skill without any intervention from other employees. An organization where everyone has an equal chance to come on the top seat with their efforts and sincerity.

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