Vape Pen is an electric smoking device that is operated by a battery. It works in the process of heating a liquid that contains some flavouring and nicotine mixed along with some other ingredients. Vape pens are available in different types in the market. If you can talk about the best vape pen then plus chambers is one. 

Cleaning a vape pen is very important if you are consuming vape cigarettes. If you want to clean your pen, then must know that all the different parts of the pen are cleaned separately.

Steps For Cleaning Vape Pen:

  • Removing Its Parts
  • Vape Battery Cleaning
  • Vape Pen’s Body Cleaning
  • Pen’s Threading Cleaning
  • Battery Cleaning
  • Vape Pen Reassembling 

1. Removing Its Parts: Removing all the parts of the vape pen is necessary before cleaning because its all parts need to be cleaned separately one after the other. After cleaning and assembly of the parts again make sure to dry them properly.

2. Vape Battery Cleaning: Cleaning the battery is very important in the process of cleaning the pen because sometimes the leakage is found in its oil cartridges. If the leakage is found in the cartridge, some of the internal electronics can get damaged and the pen may stop firing. That’s why cleaning the vape pen’s battery at regular intervals of time is a must. To clean the battery you need to disconnect the battery from your device, then gently clean the threads by inserting the cotton having alcohol in it. After cleaning, dry that area and add the battery to the device.

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3. Vape Pen’s Body Cleaning: Cleaning the outer part of the device is required because of its dirty body. Using pens on a regular basis can cause fingerprints spots on them. So, to make it look tidy and new cleaning the body is required. Unlike battery cleaning, body cleaning of the pen is a very easy process. You need to clean the body of the pen by using a microfiber cloth to clean all the dirty prints on it. 

4. Pen’s Threading Cleaning: The threading of the pen is found in between the cartridge and battery of the pen, make sure that you do not accumulate the dust and residue that can harm the connections. Disassemble or turn off your pen before cleaning the threading. Clean it with the cotton swap dipped lightly with the alcohol with little force.

5. Battery Cleaning: Make sure to disconnect your pen from power before cleaning the battery. A small toothbrush or a toothpick is required to clean the charging point gently. No force is required to clean the charging point so that not a single wire gets damaged. Don’t use any liquid for cleaning, use a dry cloth only to remove the dust from the charging area.

6. Vape Pen Reassembling: Like removing all the parts, reassembling them in the proper way is necessary for its accurate use. Dry all the products properly one after the other and assemble them in the proper manner.


Read the above steps carefully to clean the vape pen in the proper manner. Make sure to use a small amount of alcohol to clean the pen. Cleaning the vape pen on a regular basis ensures its better performance as well as its age longevity.