Useful Tips for Smart TV Owners in 2021

There has been a great boost seen in the usage of Smart TVs in recent years. One of the reasons for this is the hundreds of features of Smart TV that allow users to get more entertainment, knowledge, and anything they want and looking for.

Before moving forward, let’s briefly discuss what’s a Smart TV? Smart TV is just like a normal and simple TV except this machine can connect to the internet just like your smartphones. If you want to understand more about how using Smart TV is beneficial, think about smartphones. It can make your life much easier and you can do and explore multiple things sitting on your bed or couch using the internet.

Some of the leading Smart TV brands in the market all over the world are Samsung, LG, and Sony. There are many other growing brands as well like Haier, Hisense, and TCL. It is said that the global Smart TV market will grow by almost 293 Million units during 2020-2024 which is impressive.

What Best Things Can You Do With Your Smart TV?

There are some following cool things you can do with your Smart TV:

  • Stream Movies and TV shows on Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, and other streaming platforms.
  • Play your favorite games like angry birds on your Smart TV.
  • Listen to Music on Spotify sitting on your couch.
  • Search anything on Google.
  • Use your favorite apps compatible with Smart TV.
  • You can also use Smart TV as a secondary monitor to complete tasks and projects faster.

What Features People Should Expect from Their Next Smart TV?

People are looking forward to getting some more features added so that they can have an amazing experience while using their TV which will make them feel better about buying such a device.

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There are many features which we expect from our Smart TV including voice control, motion-sensing remote, virtual assistant integration, etc. So let’s take a look at what all features you should be expecting from your next Smart TV purchase:

  • Voice Control: A Voice-activated feature where the user can control the TV through voice commands. 
  • Motion Sensing Remote: A remote which can be controlled with gestures and motion of your hand just like a Wii controller
  • Virtual Assistant Integration: Integrating features like Siri or Google Home into it so that you can ask questions, play songs on demand using only your voice.
  • Connected Entertainment Experiences: Quickly connecting to other devices in your home for stuff such as game consoles, speakers, etc.

How Can I Make My Smart TV Better?

To make your Smart TV experience better, the owner also needs to be really “smart”. It has been seen that most people are not aware of all the features of their Smart TV, smartphone, and other smart devices. The reason is a lack of awareness and interest.

There are multiple common and hidden smart features that if you know then you will enjoy and love your device more than ever. For example, it will help you to connect your smartphone with a TV, etc. But still, people aren’t using them due to a lack of awareness or interest in features they don’t know about yet.

One more reason for this behavior could be because users try features on their own without finding out whether these features really work as expected. It doesn’t matter if you have an inclination towards technology; everyone needs some guidance sometimes.

You can enhance your using Smart TV experience better with some of the following things:

  • Automate features of Smart TV using a remote or mobile app like Google Home and Amazon Echo which allows you to control everything with voice command.
  • Connect your Smart TV to high-speed internet to watch movies and TV shows on 1080P and 4K Quality.
  • To make more control over Smart TV, connect it to a wireless keyboard and make your life easy.
  • There is limited internal storage, so install apps only that you really looking for as it might sometimes slow down the device.
  • Most of the Smart TVs have USB ports. So, use them wisely. For example, you can download your favorite movies on a USB. It will allow you to watch movies offline and save your internet data.
  • Just like smartphones and laptops, Smart TV also has built-in software. Don’t forget to update your device whenever you receive an official update from the manufacturers. 
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Can Your Smart TV be Hacked?

The short answer is “Yes”. Your Smart TV can be hacked by hackers. The reason is since Smart TV is connected to the internet there are high chances of being getting hacked. Keep remembering that any internet-connected device can be hacked easily if there are security flaws.

There are many reasons that can cause your Smart TV to get the hack. Some of them are the following:

  • If your Smart TV is not encrypted and password secured, then it can be hacked.
  • Share data only with secured and trusted devices. For example, you want to share data with a device that is not secured can be dangerous for your Smart TV.
  • If you don’t update your Smart TV software, then there are high-security threats.
  • Don’t plug any USB as it may have some virus that can enter your Smart TV and steal all data secretly.

To protect your TV from hacker attacks you should get VeePN for Smart TV. It is free and easy to use. Besides, VPN has many useful features. It can unblock websites, streaming services and music services.

How to Increase Speed and Performance?

You can increase the speed and performance of Smart TV and even prevent of being getting hacked by doing simple steps. Some of them are the following:

  • Check installed apps on your Smart TV. You can uninstall some that you don’t want to use and increase space and ultimately speed and performance. Remember, install only known apps as some of them can also spy on you.
  • Keep your Smart TV software updated as it can boost your device performance and prevent it from being hacked.
  • If possible, use wired internet like Ethernet instead of Wi-Fi as it can be hacked easily. We recommend you also use a VPN for Smart TV. There are many Smart TV VPN in the market. You can also get guidance on how to use VPN on Smart TV easily. 
  • It is recommended to get VeePN for Smart TV, and you can download and try for a free trial. Your Smart TV can be hacked by exposing your IP address. You can hide your IP address with VeePN and avoid being getting hacked. 
  • Always delete your browsing history as it can increase device speed and also get rid of any spam links.
  • Disconnect the internet of your Smart TV when you no longer using it.
  • Try to keep the default settings of your Smart TV. 
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The Smart TV market is growing day by day and so are the features. There are hundreds of visible and hidden features that you can use. Unfortunately, most users are not well aware and cannot get most of the excellent features.

There are also high chances that your Smart TV can be hacked. It is recommended to get a free trial of VeePN for Smart TV to keep your data secured.


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