Traveling to New Zealand

If you are planning a trip to New Zealand, then you’re in for a mystically adventurous time. The island country is home to some of the world’s most breathtaking landscapes – they shot Lord of The Rings here for a reason. The people are extremely welcoming and friendly, and the food and other accommodations aren’t terribly expensive.

Additionally, the economy of New Zealand is very strong, with many large firms choosing to place their headquarters in the country. For example, check out this venture capitalist firm based in Auckland.

Before traveling to New Zealand, however, you’re going to want to know a few things that will make your trip much more enjoyable and help save you some trouble. This article aims to tackle just that, as we go over four things all tourists need to know if they are planning a trip to the beautiful country of New Zealand.

1. Don’t leave a trace

When you are hiking throughout New Zealand and taking in all the natural beauty of the country, you should be extra mindful of the impact you are leaving on the environment. New Zealand is, fortunately, one of the least-impacted places on the planet by climate change. The inhabitants of the island are doing a good job of keeping it that way, and they don’t need tourists messing it up. 

2. Common phrases

While English is the official language of New Zealand, the local dialect of English… Kiwi English has some words you may be unfamiliar with. Some of these words come from the native language of the islands, Maori.

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Similar to Australia or South Africa, New Zealand has some words of its own:

  • Kia Ora – “Welcome” in Maori.
  • Chilly Bin – “cooler”
  • Sweet as – “that’s cool”
  • Togs – “swimsuit”
  • Dairy – local market store
  • Tramping – hiking for a long distance or time, usually over multiple days.
  • Jandals – the popular flip-flop sandal in New Zealand.
  • Wop-wop – the middle of nowhere.

3. Internet Connectivity 

If you’ve ever heard of the internet is slow in Australia, just wait until you try out New Zealand’s internet. It is famously slow. According to this travel guide on New Zealand, they had better internet speeds than many developing nations. 

So, be prepared for some off-grid living. There may be times when you are outside of the main city and simply do not have any cellular service because of it. When you can connect, be ready for some incredibly slow speeds.

4. Local Cuisine 

While in New Zealand, you will have the chance to experience some of the local food. While it isn’t anything too fancy (similar to U.S or U.K food), the Kiwis, of course, put their own spin on most dishes.

French fries (or hot chips in Kiwi English) are typically served with sour cream and sweet chili sauce. We highly recommend just going ahead and trying it and not opting for ketchup. You will be wondering why no other country does this, trust us!

Additionally, you’re going to want to try the Kiwi Burger, which is even sold at the local Mcdonald’s in New Zealand! You are unlikely to have experienced this taste before, as the burger has fried egg and beetroot.

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As for deserts, the Kiwis excel in that. The Kiwi Pavlova is a staple of New Zealand dining culture, and a must-try if you see it on a menu while dining out in the country. There is a debate on whether or not the desert originated in Australia or New Zealand, though we personally think it has to be New Zealand.

Key Takeaways

We hope you enjoy your trip to the magical island country that is New Zealand, and that you learned a few things from this article to ease your traveling. Remember to not leave any trace in the wild, and take in all you can!


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