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Following the pandemic of Covid-19, the practice of working from home has been gaining quite some popularity. In all honesty, this does have several benefits for the businesses as well as employees. After all, the average travel time to work in the United States has been known to be up to 27 minutes in 2018, which ends up wasting quite some time.

There are also reports of employees being more productive and saving around or more about 89 million hours each week when allowed to work from home. However, that is not all. You can find several people coming up with more reasons to make the option of remote working available for them. We are here to talk about a few.

1. Commuting Can Be a Huge Hassle

As mentioned above, it is no joke to be wasting up to or more than half an hour commuting to your workplace every day. Whether you drive to work or take public transport, this can be quite cumbersome for many workers. During the pandemic, American workers were reported to have saved 89 million hours each week when not forced to travel to work.

Commuting Can Be a Huge Hassle

One benefit that remote workers have, even beyond the pandemic, is that they do not have to travel to work every day- they can simply log in to their workplace environment and do their job, equally well or even better, using just a computer. This, of course, also means that the company can open up the recruitment to workers from long distances and provide flexibility to the employees.

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Employees like to have that kind of flexibility during their workdays. If they can play around their sleep schedule, cook, drive children to their schools, or start and end the day at work as per their preference, without having to compromise with the work output, they love it! It is also often advocated by the employees that they can get more things done when allowed to be flexible.

2. Comfort at Working Atmosphere

Sometimes some workers might not be delighted with the work environment they face. They may complain about the noise, colleagues, or the atmosphere at the office in general. They prefer a home office setup to make sure they can regulate the temperature of the work environment as per their wish or adjust the lighting with their favorite kind of appliances, not having to bother about background noise.

3. The Balance

Employees strive to maintain a healthy work/life balance, and when you allow them to work from home, they can set their priorities right- children, pets, family, friends, and colleagues. They can save enough time to engage in hobbies and adjust their daily schedule to the other essential things in their lives without being drowned in work pressure.

4. Flexible Workspace

The business does not need to spend too much on paying for accommodating all employees in physical spaces every day. This is another point remote workers try to make to convince companies to allow them to work from home and to be honest, it is quite a valuable win for the company.

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5. Improved Productivity

Working from home typically entails fewer interruptions, fewer office politics, less noise, and fewer (or more productive) meetings. When you consider the absence of a commute, remote employees frequently have more time and fewer distractions, resulting in increased productivity—a significant benefit of working from home for both individuals and businesses.

When done effectively, remote work allows people and businesses to concentrate on what is most important: results. Unfortunately, the workplace can provide “false positives,” leading to bias and partiality. After all, while arriving early and leaving late may seem like more effort, actual performance is a considerably better indicator of productivity.

Concluding Remarks

That said, it is essential to realize the benefits of allowing employees to work from home but not be too naïve with employee time or intellectual property of the business theft. You can ensure sufficient tracking of work from home employees, monitor employee behaviors, using different software and SaaS available. This might work quite well in boosting productivity and reaping benefits for your company.

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