Tips to Bring More Calm Into Your Workday

When stress is becoming a regular fixture in every workday diminishes the quantity and quality of what you’re able to accomplish, and it can get to be downright demoralizing. People who are stressing about work are typically the people who are working hardest and simply shouldn’t have to experience discomfort or anxiety for their efforts. If you feel like this describes you, then consider what you can do to effectively mitigate how you perceive and manage stressors.

Prep Your Morning

A frantic start to the morning is going to set a lousy tone for the start of a challenging day. You want to be able to start your mornings late enough so you can get a sufficient amount of rest. At the same time, you don’t want to be running around scrambling to find the stuff that you need or perhaps grappling with decisions about what those things even are.

Well before you turn in for the night, plan out as many of the basic details of your morning as you can. Try not to do that stuff right before you go to bed because you shouldn’t put too much of your attention on what you’ve got to do when you get up. The best way to wind down for sleep is to focus on how comfy and content you are while you enjoy your pre-bed routine and eventually drift off.

Set up your morning coffee so you’ve got everything you need to start your brew within arm’s reach in one place on your counter. Prepare and pack up your meals, and pack up your bag with the things that you usually like to take along with you such as your lip balm, lens cloths, or cough drops. Make sure you know the exact whereabouts of all of your essential accouterments like your keys and phone charger.

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Take Breaks and Make Them Matter

Taking breaks for mindfulness or meditation is an excellent way to reestablish calm and restore calm energy on tough days. Use meditative techniques or sound isolation tools as aids to convert your workspace into an environment that’s conducive to a sense of calm.

Aromatherapy is a good way to reset your frame of mind during your breaks. This technique utilizes sensory receptors that activate certain areas of your brain. Different varieties of Young Living Essential Oils can produce responses that promote calm, boost energy, or enhance mental clarity.

Another way to give yourself a positive boost at work is to have a healthy snack. Skip sugary selections from a vending machine and stick with refreshing fruits or crisp veggies. You’ll feel good knowing that you’re fueling up the right way.

Ultimately, breaks are an opportunity to collect your thoughts. Backing away from what you’re doing for a few moments at regular intervals throughout the day can make you stay mentally alert. Being able to regroup will get you through a day with more wherewithal. Even when you feel like you barely have a few minutes to eat on a busy day, you’ve got to build in time for a purposefully calm and relaxing time in the present.

Don’t Overload Your Schedule 

When you’re stressing out, it can feel like you’re always carrying a heavy weight around with you. Carrying around that excess burden when you’ve got lots to get done is surely going to bog down your work output. An anticipatable but regrettable response to productivity shortfalls is trying to compensate by putting in longer hours.

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Of course, tacking hours onto your workday isn’t going to do much to make the weight of the stress that you’re carrying around any lighter. Staying in work mode longer means that you’ll have to carry that weight around longer, which will probably make it feel even heavier.

As a practical matter, though, there are likely to be some time-sensitive situations that will necessarily call for longer days. When this type of stuff comes up, be conscientious about putting reasonable limits on your schedule.

Getting through your day with a greater sense of calm and focus can improve productivity levels. You can stay more positively engaged in every task that you perform, take greater satisfaction away from your work, and stand fast when you have to face unexpected challenges.


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