7 Time saving Beauty Tips That'll Make your Life Easier

The ever-challenging and demanding lifestyle can often become overwhelming, leaving little room for personal care. Your mornings are filled with seemingly never-ending chores as you try to prepare everything for everyone and look presentable before heading off to work. By the time night comes around, you are too tired to do much except change into your pajamas, give your face a cursory wash, and climb into bed.

However, even a few minutes of pampering yourself and taking care of your personal hygiene can go a long way in making you feel and look good. Considering the hectic lives we all lead, the following are some helpful beauty tips that will save you precious time and make your life a little easier:

1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Proper hydration helps you tackle numerous skin and health problems. Firstly, ample water consumption flushes out the toxins from your system, making your skin appear healthier. It also helps increase the elasticity in the skin, resulting in a plumper appearance and delayed sagging of the skin.

The puffiness around the face, especially in the morning, is due to water retention caused by dehydration. Moreover, when you drink enough water, it balances the skin’s oil and water content resulting in decreased oil and sebum secretion. Consequently, you have fewer clogged pores and lesser chances of adult acne.

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When you have a clean canvas, makeup application becomes a lot easier and more efficient. Therefore, keep a water bottle at hand and set a goal to finish it by the end of every day.

2. Employ quick hairstyling tips

Tackling your tresses can take the most time when you are getting ready for work. When you are in a time crunch and unable to wash your hair, channel a sleek ponytail or a smart bun. Use a quality hair gel for a smoother appearance.

On days when you manage to shower but do not have enough time to style your hair, go for natural waves. Simply apply the anti-frizz serum on damp hair and tie it in a braid. Get on with the rest of your morning prep. Run a blow dryer all over your hair before opening the braid for natural-looking waves.

Finally, a good dry shampoo can be a life savior when you are in a real pinch.  Spray the dry shampoo on your roots to absorb the excess oil and give your hair some volume.

3. Use multi-purpose products (de-puffing concealer, keyword, tinted moisturizer)

A consistent skincare regime can help you achieve a flawless complexion. Similarly, an immaculate makeup look requires step-by-step application of primer, corrector, foundation, concealer, and so forth. However, sometimes you do not have enough time or energy to go through all the individual steps.

Multi-functional makeup and skincare products like the Rhonda Allison Growth Factor Serum can reduce the overall time to get ready without compromising the final look. Use hydrating cleansers, tinted moisturizers, de-puffing concealers, hydrating primers, moisturizing sunblocks, tinted lip balms, etc.

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When you invest in quality products that target your specific skin concerns and provide dual-functionality, you can save time, effort, and money.

4. Apply a single product for eyes, cheeks, and lips

Minimalism has become a mantra for the majority of makeup enthusiasts and experts this coming season. You can serve the most gorgeous looks while using a few good products. The new trend is also in line with our fast-track lives where time is a luxury.

Moreover, the best makeup look is one that appears cohesive and attractive while channeling a natural appeal. Thus, you should use similar colors for the eye, cheeks, and lips. Many beauty brands have come out with versatile products that work flawlessly over the entire face, regardless of varying skin textures.

5. Focus on the three E’s

When you want to put your best face forward and lack the time to be meticulous in your makeup application, focus on your eyebrows, eyeliner, and eyelashes. Bold brows, smudged eyeliner, and sweeping eyelashes continue to make waves in the beauty industry.

Therefore, use flattering pencil eyeliner in a color that complements your eye color and smudge it with a brush. Brush your brows and fill them in to make them appear more prominent. Apply mascara to give definition and volume to your lashes.

Once the eyes are done, you can add some color to your cheeks and lips, and you are good to go. The mesmerizing eye-look will command all the attention and make you look effortlessly presentable.

6. Invest in eyelash extensions 

Long, sweeping eyelashes are the epitome of beauty and grace. Professionally done eyelash extensions can save you a chunk of time that goes into applying the eyeliner and mascara precisely. You also get fuller, thicker lashes that look so amazing. The entire procedure takes not more than an hour, and the extensions can last for up to six weeks, depending on the professional.   However, if you prefer to go the natural route, check the amazing tips and serums to grow your eyelashes.

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7. Organize your vanity

Our vanity comprises so many new releases and old favorites that it can become impossible to keep track of everything we own. Therefore, every few months, take out time to arrange your beauty area. Organize your skincare and makeup products according to their uses and keep the ones you use daily within easy access. This can slash a lot of time that goes into rummaging for products. Regular decluttering and cleaning can also help you get rid of expired products that can seriously harm your skin.

8. Parting thoughts

Simple measures go a long way in saving little pockets of time that allows you to get dressed for the day or prepare for the night in a hassle-free manner. A meticulous routine keeps you calm and relaxed instead of rushed and unfocused.


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