NFT Marketplaces

NFTs’ popularity has gained considerable momentum in the last few years, with the market expected to reach $40 billion in 2021. If you want to enter into the NFT market, one of your first concerns should be to find a cost-effective and reliable marketplace to invest in.

If you want hop aboard the NFT fad, an NFT marketplace is your answer to purchasing and selling digital items ranging from music to art to entire worlds that are virtual. Consider NFT markets to be the Amazon of the digital environment.

There are numerous NFT markets that cater to a specialized sector or specialty. 

What should you look for in an NFT marketplace before picking one to buy and sell on, and which are the best NFT marketplaces? Here are the ones we consider the top four when it comes to purchasing once an NFT of your choice drops. 

1. DraftKings

DraftKings is a large betting firm established in the United States that specializes in sports betting. In late 2021, the corporation created its own NFT marketplace, which has limited-edition assets from a number of notable athletes. 

NFTs from Wayne Gretzky, Tom Brady, Tony Hawk and others have just been placed on the DraftKings marketplace. Users who currently have an account with DraftKings can use their existing login credentials to access the marketplace.

Currently, the marketplace has over 300 items available for purchase, ranging in price from low to high. Users may finance their DraftKings. Notably, only USD transactions are permitted, and DraftKings does not yet handle bitcoin purchases. Finally, transaction costs for initial drops remain unknown, while secondary market purchases will result in a 10% royalty charge to the original developer and a 5% service charge.

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What is great about DraftKings is that there are many collections available that are limited edition, they have high-profile sports names that they partner with, they provide different price points and you can use PayPal to purchase NFTs. 

2. Gamestop 

One of the most anticipated NFT platforms for this year is the GameStop marketplace. GameStop is looking to branch out beyond only selling computer games and establish a presence in the non-traditional gaming market. The NFT platform is built on an Ethereum Layer-2 technology called Immutable X, and the business is establishing a large pool of game creators that choose their marketplace over others.

As you might assume,  the GameStop marketplace will mostly be focused on things you can buy for in-game – like costumes, digital properties or weapons. The platform’s details are yet unknown. 

According to most sources, GameStop will want to work with major video game studios to provide NFTs that are not only collectable but also appealing to followers of certain games.

3. Nifty Gateway

Nifty Gateway is another great NFT marketplace to explore. Nifty Gateway specializes in ‘exclusive’ NFT drops, or NFT drops with a restricted amount of assets. The site has featured a diverse variety of well-known creators and musicians previously, including Grimes and Steve Aoki. Nifty Gateway’s selection is geared primarily towards high-end buyers due to the strong demand for these NFTs.

Gemini, the crypto exchange developed by the Winklevoss Twins, owns Nifty Gateway. You may purchase NFTs with your debit or credit card if you reside in the U.S. If you’re not in the United States, you’ll have to utilize the crypto that is in your Gemini account. Every seller of each NFT is charged a 5% fee plus a $0.30 processing fee by Nifty Gateway.

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4. Opensea

Most people say that OpenSea is the greatest site to acquire NFTs because it is the world’s largest trading volume marketplace. Since its introduction, OpenSea has grown to over one million members, making it the first marketplace to introduce NFT dealing to the public. 

The Ethereum-based marketplace provides a variety of NFT categories, including in-game items, names for domains and, the most well-known NFT type, artworks. 


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