Flowers are available in a broad variety of sizes and colours, with hundreds of kinds to select from. In the spring and summer, a variety of traditional annual flowers emerge. As a consequence, beautiful white, peach, red, or yellow blooms will blossom in your yard. Perennial flowers bloom on a variety of perennials throughout the spring and summer.



Abutilon is a summer-blooming shrub with white flowers. The flowers on this plant vary from white to purple blue in colour. The flowers are saucer-shaped, and the stems have grey, hairy leaves. The shrub may grow up to 15 feet tall, and there are many kinds to choose from.



Acacias are fluffy golden blooms with a delicate texture. These plants are delicate and gentle, and they thrive in protected areas away from frosts in the northern hemisphere. Early in the spring, these flowers, sometimes known as wattle, blossom. They may grow to reach seven feet tall if not trimmed correctly. Send flowers online to Indore to brighten someone’s day.



Many people desire to cultivate aconite in their gardens since it is a poisonous yet beautiful plant. The blooms are blue-purple or yellow in colour and are endemic to hilly regions. The scapes may grow up to three feet tall, making them an excellent accent to the rear of flower gardens.


African Daisy 

A perennial blooming plant with red, gold, and blue blooms, the African Daisy is a perennial flowering plant. They have a darker centre and silvery leaves that set them apart. These blooms work well in cut flower bouquets, in the greenhouse, and as a container plant.

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Agapanthus may be found in a variety of colours and heights. These vibrant flowers are available in a range of colours, including blue and purple. They bloom for a long time and make a great border plant or container garden addition. They like to be outside in the sun, and some varieties are even evergreen. Send flowers to your loved ones by flower delivery online.



Ageratums are sometimes known as floss flowers. These plants produce flowers that are puffy and endure a long period. Pink and bicolor flowers are among the many colours available. To meet your edging or bedding requirements, you may select between dwarf and tall types.



Lady’s mantle is a flowering plant native to North America, Asia, and Europe. This plant’s yellow-green blooms bloom from early summer until late fall. This plant offers a number of therapeutic benefits, including wound healing and nursing, and may be used in salads.



The Allium plant family includes onions, chives, and garlic. Ornamental variants include spherical blooms that come in a range of colours, including pink purple. The blooms endure a long time after they’ve been plucked, making them ideal for cut flower arrangements. They’re usually planted in the autumn and bloom throughout the spring and summer.



Because of its long-lasting cut blooms, Alstroemeria, commonly known as the Peruvian lily, is extensively grown commercially. It’s a perennial with flower spikes that may reach 12 to 24 inches in height. They are available in a range of colours, including as cream, brown, and red, and are often dotted with other colours.

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Alyssum, commonly known as sweet alyssum, is a drought-resistant plant. This vine, which is popular in alpine rock gardens, can thrive in a wide range of temperatures throughout the United States, where it has become naturalised. These plants, which are mustard family members, have a pleasant fragrance.



Love Lies Bleeding is a vine with exotic leaves and tassels that are typically blood-red in colour. There are plants with a wide range of leaf colours, from golden to green. They look great in pots and maybe cut or dried and used in floral arrangements as well. Make your loved ones happy by ordering flowers online.



The naked lady rose is a South African bulbous plant also known as the belladonna lily or Amaryllis. It has purple-green stems that reach a height of nearly 24 inches with flowers on them. Flowers with a funnel form are pink or white and have a funnel shape. The leaves are attractive in the winter and spring, but the flowers blossom in the autumn.

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