The Most Scenic Adventure Routes in Canada

Canadian scenery is some of the most varied and beautiful in the world. From the rocky coasts of the Atlantic to the snow-capped mountains of the west, there is something for everyone to enjoy. And with so much to see and do, it’s no wonder that Canada is one of the most popular tourist destinations.

Whether you’re looking for a bustling city full of culture and history, or a quiet getaway where you can escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, Canada has something to offer. And with so many amazing places to visit, it’s no wonder that Canada is often referred to as “the Great White North.”

If you want to experience all that Canada has to offer, consider taking one of its scenic adventure routes. The VIA Rail tours will take you through some of the country’s most beautiful and rugged terrains and provide plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the best scenic adventure routes in Canada!

Let’s take a look at these routes.

Enjoy the beauty of a subarctic area where boreal forest joins the tundra as you travel between the capital city of Manitoba and the polar bear capital of the globe. With VIA Rail Canada, there’s something to appreciate at every turn, regardless of the season of year you travel:

  • At the junction of the Rivière Rouge & Rivière Assiniboine, the lush countryside around Winnipeg.
  • The stunning blue waters of Clearwater Lake, widely known as “The entrance to the North,” are located close to The Pas.
  • The magnificent boreal forest envelops Thompson is a refuge for nature enthusiasts and the location of Manitoba’s largest marina.
  • Churchill’s rugged Hudson Bay shoreline, where bears and beluga whales may be seen in their native environment.
  • Be ready; this trip will change the way you perceive the North.
  • Untamed beauty of northern Ontario: Sudbury- White River

Your VIA Rail vacations will cover wilderness areas full of lush, green woods, freshwater lakes, and flowing rivers between the beaches of Ramsay Lake and the natural splendour of Ontario’s northern townships.

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  • Learn about the region’s unusual landscape, which includes craters and black rocks.
  • Discover the rocky mountains, lakes, and beautiful beaches that surround White River, a storied railroad town and the home of the bear who served as the model for Winnie the Pooh.
  • You’re sure to have your fair share of surprises if you’re a fan of nature (or literary).
  • The richness of Québec landscapes: Montreal- Senneterre

This VIA Rail tours excursion will take you across some of the most picturesque areas of Quebec, passing between the southern metropolis’ European flare and the northern Abitibi’s natural splendour. A diversity of scenes will unfold as you travel through various areas and see how the scenery changes.

  • The Saint-Lawrence Valley’s mountainous landscape and luxuriant, rich fields
  • In Mauricie’s woods region, there is a thicket of green trees.
  • The dense coniferous crown of the Abitibi boreal forest
  • Senneterre is surrounded by imposing granite hills interspersed with rivers and lakes.
  • Look out; you could spot a deer, black bear, or perhaps a caribou along the road.
  • An unforgettable panorama: Montreal- Jonquiere

Do you enjoy being outside? Travel through a region in the west of Québec that is surrounded by woods, rivers, waterfalls, and numerous lakes to enjoy your dose of nature. What to anticipate both en route and once you arrive is listed below:

  • Many creeks, cliffs, and open spaces make it easy to discover a new fishing place, biking path, or hiking trail.
  • An ideal starting place for seeing the magnificent Saguenay fjord, which is surrounded by charming communities and distinctive natural attractions.
  • There are many camping, boating, and wildlife-watching possibilities for families looking for an adventurous getaway.
  • Try some of the blueberries cultivated nearby, and sip beer and spirits from nearby distilleries and microbreweries.
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The VIA Rail packages are the best way to go for Canadian train vacations. You can purchase a rail pass that will allow you to travel on any VIA Rail train in a specified period. With a rail pass, you can hop on and off at any point along the route and explore at your own pace. Whether looking for a leisurely trip through the countryside or an adventure-filled journey through the mountains, VIA Rail tours has something for everyone.


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