The Importance Of Office Cleaning

Your office may appear neat at first sight, but upon closer study, you may realize that all is not as it appears. You may see some crumbs on desktops, old coffee mugs stacked in the kitchen, and the garbage may be full — again!

Although you trust your personnel to clean up after themselves, you never know what gems lie beneath the surface. This raises the question of how tidy your office is. Clean Group emphasizes the necessity of office cleaning and the finest methods for tackling it.

The Advantages And Importance Of Office Cleaning

According to recent research, office cleaning is important since the cleaner your office is, the happier your staff are.

Because of the unusual epidemic, office cleaning has been prioritized, and now that many people are back to work, it may be time to consider hiring an office cleaner such as 4 Senses House Cleaning.

Bacteria And Germs Are Commonly Found In The Workplace.

When germs settle on a surface, they can remain anywhere from hours to days, making the office a perfect area for germ and virus propagation. Bacteria may grow on surfaces such as door knobs, refrigerator doors, and worktops if they are not cleaned regularly.

The following are the most prevalent sites in the office where germs thrive. This can be attributed to hot desking, cooking meals in the kitchen, eating at workstations, and employees’ poor personal hygiene.

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Germs In The Workplace

  • Phones – Germs from people’s faces and lips are transmitted via phone. According to research, the office phone is the least likely piece of workplace equipment to be cleaned.
  • Keyboards – Crust and hair, as well as dead skin cells, can become caught in a computer keyboard.
  • Desks – Desks are a major source of infections since they accumulate crumbs from lunch, spillage from drinks, and snack storage.
  • Workplace Fridge At home, food is frequently left in the fridge to spoil, and the same is true at the office. If old jam jars, spreads, and spillages are not removed, they might appear and deteriorate.
  • Toilets – An obvious breeding ground for germs. Toilet seats, flush knobs, and sinks may be breeding grounds for germs if not cleaned regularly.
  • Microwave – Spillages and leaks are frequently left in the microwave to fester and breed bacteria.

Surprising Office Cleaning Facts:

  1. Hand washing after using the toilet can minimize infection by 10%.
  2. One-third of office workers admit to not washing their hands after using the restroom.
  3. Thirty per cent of employees solely use water to wash their hands.
  4. One in four people has faecal bacteria on their hands.
  5. In just four hours, one person harbouring a virus may infect 50% of all equipment and personnel in their area.

Why Should You Hire A Daily Office Cleaning Service?

After reading the statistics, it’s not surprising that you may wish to hire an office cleaning. Clean Group provides award-winning daily office cleaning service Sydney seven days a week. To minimize interruption, plan your cleaning schedule to operate outside of business hours. Make the necessary changes to guarantee that you can continue doing what you do best in a clean workplace environment.

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