The Best Full Body Shaper Pieces for Plus Size Women

Who says that if you are a plus-size woman you won’t be able to find the right body shapers for your needs? Now is easier than ever, because shapewear evolved and comes in so many sizes, from the smallest size possible and all the way up to 6XL. 

Below you will be able to find the best 5 shapewear pieces that every plus size girl just like yourself has to have in her wardrobe.

1. The full bodysuit in black

It’s very important to own at least one full bodysuit, preferably in black. This full body shaper from FeelinGirl is just the piece you need because it will enhance your entire silhouette and make you look slimmer instantly. It will make your waist smaller, your abdomen flat, it will even lift your booty and bust, it will make your thighs slimmer and will hide away any back fat rolls that you might have. Plus, it has a zipper so it’s super easy to put on and take off. And another great thing about it is the fact that is seamless and has glue on the leg openings which makes it not easy to crimp. 

The full bodysuit in black

2. The nude plus size full body shaper

Another full body shaper that is mandatory for a plus-size woman’s wardrobe is the nude bodysuit. This shapewear item is life-changing because it will help you avoid many unpleasant situations when you won’t know what to wear underneath light coloured clothes. It’s perfect for all those white and almost see-through garments you might want to wear during summertime. And because it is seamless, no one will know that you are wearing a bodysuit and people will give you many compliments for your perfect silhouette. 

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The nude plus size full body shaper

3. The plunge thong shapewear backless bodysuit

A fabulous bodysuit you might want to own is this super sexy one with a deep U neckline and low back design. Probably one of the sassiest and best plus size shapewear items out there, it’s perfect for all of your sexy outfits, when you want to wear big décolletages or backless blouses or dresses. It will enhance your body and make you look sexier than ever! 

The plunge thong shapewear backless bodysuit

4. The plus-size slimming bodysuit

If you want a full-body shaper that feels very light and comfortable, this one is perfect for you! It has all the perks of the first two full bodysuits from above, but it’s a little bit easier to wear. It has adjustable shoulder straps, a highly elastic chest fabric and an ultra-flat zipper. It’s also perfect for when you want to wear super short trousers or skirts! It will also lift up your booty and make it rounder, which is quite a bonus. 

The plus size slimming bodysuit

5. The open bust plus size bodysuit

If you worry that your busy might be too big and don’t want to take any risks, well this bodysuit is a great choice. It has an open bust, adjustable straps and comes in two colors: black and nude. It has a zipper which makes it super easy to put on and it will compress your waist making it smaller and flatten your abdomen. Besides that, it will lift up your booty and make your thighs thinner. It’s perfect if you like to wear open shoulder tops and strapless dresses! 

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The open bust plus size bodysuit

Whichever bodysuit from these 5 you might choose, you have to know that all are made out of highly qualitative fabrics and will make you look super sexy!  


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