6 Stylish Small Salon Design Ideas For 2020

Thinking about how to design your small salon space? First of all, congratulations on your new salon! Okay! You have a small salon space, right?

Well, it’s not a bad thing at all. You just need to get a bit creative with your imagination. There are a lot of ways in which you can utilize every space in the salon. Whether you are starting a salon in your garage, renovating a room of your house into a salon, or thinking of a mobile salon, you can use every nook and corner to your advantage.

In this blog, we will put forward 6 small salon design ideas that can be of much help. So, without further ado, let’s dive in.

1. Minimalist Design

Less is more – that’s today’s trendy concept!

Quite true! It feels so soothing to our senses, isn’t it? So, cut the clutter and try going minimal. It will give your salon an elegant yet sharp look.

Your clients will definitely fall in love with the voguish atmosphere.

If you think wisely, then you will find that the minimalist approach to design will actually open up much more space and allow free movement inside the salon.

You can go for interior units with wall-mounted stations for accommodating beauty salon equipment. Such stations effectively make use of the available space.

2. Use Mirrors Wisely

Mirrors are essential components of a salon. But, do you know that a mirror can work like magic in your salon? In fact, every salon, large or small, makes the perfect use of mirrors to change the salon feel.

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Mirrors reflect light and create the illusion of a bigger space. There are different types of mirrors available – frameless, framed, full length, and several others. Choose according to your requirements. Keep in mind that the mirrors should blend perfectly with the interior of your salon, adding more charm to it.

For the best effect, you can place a mirror just opposite or right next to a natural light source like the windows. Don’t keep a lot of mirrors. To create a flattering effect, keep fewer but bigger mirrors.

3. Arrangement Of Lights

Illuminating your salon with the proper lights at the right places is a high-priority aspect that you should consider in the early stages of setting up and decorating your salon. Different areas require different sources of light in a salon. We can well understand that as soon as we step inside the beautiful gallery!

Here’s are some tips on how you can set the lights:

a). Reception light should be bright and warm as it is the first thing your clients see.

b). The waiting area must set a relaxing mood. You can fix a recessed light or go for wall sconces so that your clients can easily read magazines.

c). The hairstylist workspace must be bright so that every detail is visible. The vanity lights can be useful for this section.

d). Manicure, pedicure, and nail art sections of your salon require task lighting. These lights are direct and focussed, which gives full visibility.

4. Think Of Your Clientele

You must know your ideal client and the services they prefer. As your salon is not so spacious, you have to make room for every service, thinking carefully. If you offer massage treatments, comfortable and impressing salon beds and beauty couches are essential. If required, switch items around and cut unnecessary junk.

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5. Maximize The Floor Plan

Break the layout of your salon into zones. Choosing a floor plan is indeed critical. It needs to be effective and at the same time, look eloquent and prime. Furnishing with trolleys, luxurious pedicure chairs, manicure tables, facial steamers, and other furniture is essential for your salon because the modern look and features will not only impress your customers but also keep them coming back with friends and families. So, don’t cut down on your furnishings. Instead, you can keep a small reception desk and waiting area.

6. Use Light Color

Colour plays an important role in making small spaces feel bigger. Keep the color statement light by opting shades of white and pastels. Neutral colors can also win the game for you. Keep the color consistent to enhance the decor. The color palette of your salon must always reflect a welcoming vibe.

Final Thought

Now, get excited and start setting up your own beauty hub. Always remember that no area is too small to harbor your salon needs. You just need to plan right. Don’t forget to use our salon design ideas discussed in this writeup. Every point mentioned here will give your salon a spacious look. Keep your things organized and stay clutter-free.

Most importantly, love your space. Make it cheerful by putting up some pictures of you with your team. Be bold and stay beautiful!


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