Tips for a Modern Kitchen

When it comes to updating your living space, focusing on the kitchen is always a sensible choice. Not only does this create a better cooking and dining environment for you, but this kind of home improvement can also boost the value of your property. If you think your kitchen could use a revamp, and you dream of a sleek, modern design, here are some simple design tips to help you achieve the right aesthetic as well practical features to include.

Neutral Colors

It’s nice to have some color in a room to make it feel more vibrant but having a neutral scheme will be timeless as well as very modern. Whites, creams, and even darker shades like black will all look excellent in a modern kitchen. Earthy tones will also work well if you prefer this style and want a touch of color

Minimalist Cabinets and Worktops

Another way to give your kitchen a modern style is by updating the cabinets and worktops. Sleek, minimalist designs will work best here, but you can also have glass doors in your cabinets that will work nicely, too. Easy-to-clean worktops are a must for any kitchen but if you want a luxurious modern touch, look at getting quartz worktops put in. They are elegant and will look great in either modern or vintage-inspired kitchens. You can see a range of quartz countertops at your local kitchen design shop or online.

Stone Floors

Wooden floors will still look good in a modern kitchen, but stone flooring can make more of a statement, especially if you are having quartz or another stone countertop put in. Again, these are easy to clean as well as look incredible which makes them an excellent choice for kitchen flooring. You could even consider having underfloor heating put in for another clean and modern touch. 

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Smart Appliances

No modern kitchen would be complete without some smart appliances to help you improve your cooking experience. They’re also great for helping conserve energy and water wastage, which adds an eco-friendly touch to your home. Whether it’s a modern espresso machine to give you a caffeine boost in the morning, and smart air-fryer for healthier cooking, or an aero garden so you can grow fresh herbs with ease on your windowsill – there are plenty to choose from. 

LED Lighting

LED light bulbs are powerful and the most energy efficient lighting. They are also sleek in their design which makes them ideal for a modern kitchen. The fact that they are so bright will also help you see better when you are preparing your food, and you can have them placed both as your overhead ceiling lights, as well as under your cabinet for better illumination on your worktops.

If you are thinking of sprucing up your living space, consider making your kitchen your main focus. If it needs a makeover and you have always dreamed of a chic, modern kitchen, use these tips to help you achieve that style.


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