Step by Step Guide on How to Clean Slipcovers

Have you already been using sofa slipcovers but don’t know how to wash them? Or maybe you’re just going to get one and want to learn some cleaning tips & tricks? Don’t worry, thanks to these helpful tips, you will easily cope with washing your slipcovers.

The main advantage of sofa covers is that you can take them off your furniture and wash whenever you need to. But make sure you first check the slipcover care tag and read other care instructions provided by the manufacturer!

1. Remove pet hair with a lint roller

Use a lint roller with sticky sheets. Easy-to-use lint rollers must be lightweight and have an ergonomic handle. These two qualities will allow you to get rid of pet hair that is stuck deep within the fabric. Don’t also forget to take into account the coat type when getting replacement rolls for a lint roller — the german shepherd or husky would definitely require more of those.

2. Pretreat old stains

Many homeowners believe that they can get rid of stains by just cleaning a slipcover in the washing machine. We recommend pretreating stains with special (or DIY) solutions because the washer may not always be able to cope with old stains. 

You can use soap, which is great for greasy stains, or use a stain remover spray. Locate stains and treat them with a special detergent while the cover is still on the sofa or other upholstered furniture. Pretreating stains before actually removing the slipcover is better because it makes it easier for you to spot and treat them.

To get rid of tough stains we recommend using both liquid soap and stain-removal spray. Every fabric requires special treatment, so be sure to check if a particular stain remover is suitable for your fabric.

3. Remove slipcover from furniture

You’ve already taken care of the stains and now it’s time to take the slipcover off and wash. Remove the slipcover from your upholstery in the reverse order in which you installed it.

Note also that if you plan to wash the slipcover by hand, make sure you wash the entire item and not just the part of it. Otherwise, you risk getting a slipcover whose parts look different, because the color may fade from the fabric after a few washes.

The same applies to those situations where you have a few slipcovers installed on a sofa, armchair, or other furniture. We recommend washing them at the same time so that they continue to look the same visually after washing.

4. Load the washing machine

Even if you’ve purchased machine-washable slipcovers, there are a few rules that we recommend following when loading them into the washer:

  • Choose a gentle wash cycle to save the fabric for long time use;
  • If you plan on washing several slipcovers, make sure to wash them in separate cycles.
  • Use warm water to wash slipcovers of light shades, and hot water if you have darker slipcovers;
  • If there are no stains on your slipcovers, it is best to wash them inside out.

5. Wash it

When washing a slipcover, choose gentle detergents that not only clean the fabric but also take care of its look. This is why we do not recommend using bleach-boosting or color-boosting cleaning products. Any cleaning agent should be diluted with water, as it can leave stains in case of direct contact with the fabric.

Sofa slipcovers are usually made of thick fabric, so in some cases, it’s better to give the slipcover an extra rinse to get the detergent out. The water temperature should be no more than 30 degrees.

6. Take it out

The slipcover should be taken out immediately after the washing cycle is finished. Do not leave it in the washing machine. Otherwise, the fabric will wrinkle and form folds, which will be hard to deal with. Look at the instructions to see if your slipcover can be ironed. Some covers require drying only in the fresh air.

A quick tip: put a slipcover on the furniture while it is still slightly wet. Once the slipcover dries, it shrinks a little, and makes the installation process a bit trickier.

And that’s it! Now you know how to properly wash your slipcovers. Remember, that the proper care can extend the life of your slipcovers for years!


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