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What do many of us crave most during the hot summer days and early autumn? Freshness, freedom of movement, and often some festivity.

Some go on a summer holiday to fulfill at least some of these desires. Somebody escapes the heat, diversifying their diet with an abundance of fruits, vegetables, and soft drinks. And some people actively realize their understanding of summer and wishes associated with it through the images in clothes. Knowing this, Sleeper, a Ukrainian brand, offers solutions that fulfill the program of summer maximum. Just have a look at the Sleeper navy linen suit, which will freshen up your image, make you happy with its wearability, and, of course, make you feel like a holiday.

Details about the linen Sleeper lounge suit

The suit, made of natural linen, will become a synonym for summer lightness and natural charm.

Highlighting the beauty and elegance of her legs, the shorts of the set will allow the woman to express eloquently her inner freedom and confidence. Short shorts and flirty ruffles will show that the fashionista is not hesitant to emphasize the advantageous side of her appearance and at the same time is not afraid of seeming young and easygoing.

Unlike shorts, the blouse offers a mid-thigh length. The sleeve, which ends at the elbow, is decorated with ruffles. This adornment creates a harmonious link between the lower and upper parts of the ensemble. There are buttons on the blouse as a fastener. The final touch is the stand-up collar. Despite its laconicism, the collar doesn’t burden the image, but organically emphasizes its playfulness.

When you choose a linen summer suit from Sleeper, you get versatility in every detail. This means that you don’t have to wear shorts and a blouse exclusively in combination with each other. You can combine the blouse with a pair of heavy or skinny jeans, light summer trousers, and skirts. Shorts will organically complement the loose or tight T-shirts, oversized shirts, and other components of your wardrobe.

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The color palette is also wide. In addition to The Sleeper navy linen suit, sets are available in:

  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Mint
  • Lavender
  • With prints – daisies and pansies.

Sleeper is extremely democratic when it comes to size. The popular brand’s suits are available for women of all sizes. Models in the XS-XXL range are available. Simply open the catalog and order this fashionable splendor.

And the fact that the Sleeper lounge suit is made of linen, will be an additional advantage. After all, this natural fabric is highly hygroscopic, has excellent breathability, does not provoke negative reactions of the skin, and turns out to be very pleasant to the touch.

But for a set to last more than one season, even when worn intensively, you need to remember the nuances of linen care. Important recommendations include:

  1. Wash by hand or at the low speed of a washing machine.
  2. Set the temperature no higher than 40℃
  3. Do not use aggressive bleach.
  4. Preferably use fabric softener, which will soften the garment.
  5. Do not use a mechanical wringing process – linen is very easily wrinkled.
  6. Dry horizontally and out of direct sunlight.

Following these simple tips will practically be the essence of eternal life for your costume. The luxurious design of the set will provide unconditional wearing comfort.

Other linen suits from Sleeper

Linen is one of the most suitable materials for summer. Wearing clothes made of this natural fabric, you will not feel hot and you can move around very easily. That’s why the linen loungewear set category on the brand’s website offers a diverse selection of suits that you can wear on a wide range of occasions.

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Atlanta set expresses eloquently the idea of cheerful elegance, combining impeccably feminine cut with relaxed details. The set includes shorts, decorated with ruffles, and a stretch top with billowing sleeves and ruffles at the neckline. To bring even more lightness and freedom to the look, pull down the sleeves and enjoy a nice summer breeze or the warming August sun. A suit in pink Vichy, azure blue, navy, or mint shades will make you irresistible both on an evening stroll with friends and at a semi-formal event.

linen loungewear set

Fans of oversize styles will love the set with the majestic name Dynasty. The highlight of the set is the blazer with wavy lapels, voluminous shoulders, and 4/4 sleeves. The blazer could be completed with shorts or trousers. The trousers are 4/4 length, flared at the thigh, and featured a high waist.

You can buy the whole set or its parts separately. Available colors include black, white, blue, and coral.

The unisex pajama suit, which you’ll also find in the linen loungewear set section, is an example of versatile simplicity and comfort. The pants and top with 4/4 sleeves both have a loose fit. The range is also available in paper white, navy, azure blue, lavender, cream, and mint.

The Rumba suit is an example of just what great adornment ruffles can be. In this set, the cuffs of both the top and the pants are ruffled. Trousers are characterized by semi-loose fit and ankle-length. The top has front ties, buttons, loose 4/4 sleeves, and a shirt-like collar.

The range of tones includes Vichy blue, navy blue, pink, and mint.

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As you can see, the Sleeper product selection is incredibly rich with linen suits of a wide variety of colors and designs. But what all the models listed have in common is the unmistakable concept of perfect style, harmony, and practicality.

The feathered sets from Sleeper

While linen suits are predominantly trimmed with ruffles, the viscose pajama sets offer interesting solutions using feather décor.

The stylish feather-trim pajamas consist of ankle-length trousers and a long-sleeved blouse. The removable feathers are worn on the cuffs and add a touch of playfulness and luxury to the look.

If you want a more serious and buttoned-up image, you can simply remove the feather trims. The costume components themselves look stylish but rather restrained. This allows you to wear pajamas to a cocktail party, to the office, for a walk, or even a social occasion.

The color range of feather pajamas is also impressive. In the collection customers can find:

  • black and white classics;
  • an ash-grey charm;
  • a bold solution in red;
  • a delicate pink elegance, with bright red accents;
  • the calm and subtle irresistibility of blue;
  •  the laconic yet spectacular pink Vichy.

As with linen suits, the components of feather trim pajamas can each live a life of their own. The pants are often combined with leather jackets, warm jumpers, shirts, and blazers. Tops are often complemented by jeans, classic trousers, and skirts of different styles, and cuts.

Do not be afraid to experiment with images! Sleeper is always ready to offer the most creative ideas, amazing harmony, and, of course, absolute comfort.