Smart Home Devices for Busy Parents

As much as a parent cherishes having a child, they also understand that there is a huge responsibility that comes with it. All parents want their children to become wonderful human beings when they grow up. Raising kids can become tiring at times especially if you are a working parent. You may feel guilty about leaving your kids behind to go to work, or simply not being able to spend quality time with your kids may become frustrating and overwhelming. Here is where smart homes come into play and automate the tasks that you may have to do manually otherwise. Here are a few devices that can help working parents for raising their kids well.

Google Home Smart Assistant and Speaker

Voice assistants have become extremely popular among smart home users due to the convenience they offer to their users. One of the most popular is the Google Home Smart Assistant Speaker, which is designed to take your voice commands to play music, update you on the weather, and make schedules. You can simply identify the best route to work with the least traffic by simple voice command so you do not get late in the morning. An additional feature of this is that it has around 20 built-in languages to choose from. For parents, this is an amazing way to multi-task while looking after the kids. You can control your oven with a voice command instead of walking all the way to the kitchen when your cookies are done. 

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August Smart Lock

Are you always fearful of losing your keys while leaving the house? Well, you do not need to worry anymore. With the August Smart Lock, you can just install the lock on your door and control it via the August Home app. You can create unique codes and schedule time for specific people to enter the house when the kids are alone at home like the babysitters and caretakers. You can also customize your smart lock to open your door automatically as it recognizes you and lock it as soon as you are inside the home. That is a huge help when walking in through the door with your toddler and bags of groceries in hand which can become a struggle. 

This lock is compatible with many other home automation devices like Apple HomeKit, Alexa, and Nest. It is very important that your doors are locked when your kids are alone at home. Especially when your toddler starts walking, there is a huge risk of them walking out the door if it is unattended. You can pair your smart lock with a home security system which it may monitor for added security. It will reduce your stress levels and make life easier. 

Philips Hue Smart Bulb

The latest advancement to Edison’s bulb is The Philips Hue Smart Bulb. You can consider replacing the traditional bulbs in your home with Hue bulbs and create the required lighting for your home every day according to your mood. The color, intensity customization, the ease of creating schedules, and setting timers can be a huge benefit over traditional light bulbs. You can also pair your smart lights with a Philips Hue motion sensor, and that will give you the advantage of saving energy as the lights will turn on when you walk into the room and the lights will turn off as soon as you walk out. The Philips Hue smart bulbs will work with Android and iOS and it is compatible with many other smart home devices. You can install the smart bulb in your child’s room and it will wake them up gradually in the morning when the lights are scheduled to turn on. If your children ten to leave the lights open while walking out the room, then a motion sensor along with the Philips Hue smart bulb is a wise choice.

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Winix Air Purifier

Many pieces of research have shown that the air inside our homes is more polluted than the air outside our homes. This Winix air purifier is the solution to your problems when it comes to pollution inside your home. It removes harmful bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens from the air. It is essential to give your child a healthy environment inside the home while they grow up. This will not only keep them away from allergies but also give them a good night’s sleep. This will help them wake up fresh, healthy, and less cranky so you have a good day without the requisite tantrums.

Nest Learning Thermostat

This is an extremely helpful smart device for working parents as it allows users to adjust the temperature remotely with one tap on their phone. A smart thermostat unlike a traditional thermostat learns the behavior of your family members, understands the preferences of people in your home, and then programs it accordingly. You can also save energy which could considerably reduce your electricity bills as the motion sensor will alert the Nest Thermostat to switch off. Having a toddler and contending with numerous small tasks like managing the home temperature can become a struggle. So, with the Nest Thermostat, this can be taken care of. 

Final Thoughts

Raising children can become stressful at times and it can take a toll on your own mental health. With these smart home devices, you can automate your daily tasks and make your day easier. Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are many others available in the market, so you can research and get the ones that suit your needs and requirements. 

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