Project management is referred to as the leading work of the team to achieve the desired objectives and goals of the project and meet success within the given time and budget. The markets are growing it has become very important for the organizations to deliver quality management projects, this having project management is a very essential and important thing, project management and sure that all the projects are done according to the requirements of the client with all the available resources within the given constraints.

5 stages of Project Management –

There are 5 stages of project management, and each of them plays a significant role in making this project successful. The first stage is project initiation; in this stage, the project goals are defined and discussed at a broad level. The second stage is project planning, in which stage a roadmap is developed so that everyone can work accordingly. The third stage is called project execution; in this stage, the deliverables are developed and completed. The fourth stage is project monitoring; in this stage, the progression of the project is measured, and It is seen that everything is happening as planned. The fifth stage is called project closure; this stage marks the completion of the project.

 Who should go for six sigma yellow belt certification?

 The major aim of this “SIX SIGMA YELLOW BELT COURSE” is on the candidate who is new to the world of six sigma and has a small role, interest, or need to develop foundational knowledge. The yellow belts are entry level employers Who want to improve their world or executive champions that require an overview of six sigma and define, analyze, measure, and control mode. The approach of the six sigma yellow belt is advancing the concept and potential of using six sigma tools and methodologies within an organization.

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 What are the requirements and how to prepare for the exam?

 The requirements of the six sigma yellow base certification have no experience or educational requirement. As an aim at the candidate who wants to have foundational knowledge, I’m interested in growing in this field. Any candidate who has a similar interest need can surely go for this certification. To prepare for your exam, You have to read many reference books that provide the basis for the exam questions. These differences give you a better idea of the material which is covered in your exam.

About the Six Sigma Yellow Belt Exam :

The candidate is required to pass an examination that consists of a multiple-choice question. That’s measures comprehension of the body of knowledge. The six sigma yellow belt exam is a 15 exam that consists of 85 questions, and the duration of the exam is 2 hours and 18 minutes. The language for the exam is English. This one-part exam is computer-delivered. When we come to paper and pencil, the six sigma yellow belt exam is one-part, Which consists of seventy-five questions and the duration of the exam is two hours. And the language is English only. All of these examinations are an open book, and each candidate must bring his or her own reference material. Look at all fiction. The body of knowledge includes additional detail in the form of subtext explanations. This subtext is not intended to limit the subject matter Trader. The subtext is meant to clarify the type of content which is included in the exam. There are certain policies and procedures before going for the exam. The candidate must have present one valid, government-issued photo ID with a signature such as a driving license or a passport. The ID you bring on the day of the examination should match the name as stated on the application you have given.

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The “SIX SIGMA YELLOW BELT TRAINING” most important and essential part of your certification. In this training, the candidate gets more familiar with the importance of data, various charts and graphs, root cause analysis, basic statistics, mistake proofing human errors, impact and effort assessment of solutions, scamper brainstorming techniques, the five principles of lean and benefit assessment in Lean Six Sigma project.

 The Six Sigma yellow belt certification is an entry-level certification for all individuals who want to start their career in the Six Sigma field.


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