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Many people try to organize their closets but don’t get the expected results. They look for a foolproof plan that might not bear fruit in the beginning. For anyone with a cluttered closet, here is the detailed guide to making the most out of every little space. It’s straightforward to follow. You just have to read the article in detail. Every accessory in your closet has its tried-and-tested organization technique.

We don’t recommend following it blindly. It’s just about updating your wardrobe with the best storage tips, according to you. It only takes a few minutes to organize, and the results are worth it. So, let’s take a look at those techniques you might have never heard about before. 

The Organization Techniques

a). De-cluttering the garments by category

It’s basically the first step to organize any closet. Your clothes are of different categories that can be easily separated on the basis of size, purpose, frequency of use, the formality of the occasion, delicacy, etc. Sometimes, dealing with all these factors might be overwhelming. 

The trick is to consider them one by one and put your clothes under categories. The categories can be tops, pants, outerwear, undergarments, accessories, dresses, etc. You can choose whatever works well for you. It’s just about grouping similar clothes together with the same level of delicacy to put them correctly. 

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b). Emptying and cleaning from every corner

The closet may contain certain clothes that are untouched for years. The next step is to empty every bit from it and clean it with a vacuum cleaner. Take out the piles of clothes and accessories. Donate them if you do not use them anywhere. It can be your shoes, clothes, or any fashionable item lingering inside your closet. 

Give your closet a proper deep clean. If it contains a carpet, use a vacuum cleaner and wipe down the shelves. Scrub any scuff mark or stubborn dirt particles on the walls. 

c). Design the ideal space

If you have proper reasoning behind it, you can design the best space for yourself. It’s an all planned activity that you need to get habitual of. The closet’s best feature is the vertical storage space. If you can use it to its best, all the left-out areas can be used for your delicate formals. You can use multiple hanging rods, crystal clear hangers, etc. to your advantage.

If your closet space resembles anyone else’s, you can always follow the same design. Just make sure that the design you are imitating is also efficient. Remember, in the operations, keep only those clothes that are not used frequently. Now, these clothes can be formal or informal, depending on your choice. 

d). Ideal storage by category

As mentioned above, clothes can be categorized if you pay enough attention. Use each spacing option and put the clothes to their best merit. For example, hang anything that can be hanged. Fashionable items like your delicates, fancy dresses, ties, and belts, etc. that cannot be folded can be hanged on completely clear hangers

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Other clothes like your t-shirts, pajamas that can be rolled should be kept in drawers. For girls, skirts, lingerie, dresses, and such fancy items should be appropriately structured. There’s not much of a difference in organizing a closet for males and females. Your priorities make all the difference. 

In the end, we just recommend you to use the hanging accessories that can be coordinated easily. Also, make a habit of putting a clothing item at the exact place after use. It makes your closet look clean and lets you find stuff easily. 



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